The doctors always said to me,
"Get some sleep, you're beating yourself up."
They never listened, never helped.
They never knew I just wanted to wake up.
All my life I was a creature of the night.
I partied, prowled, and procrastinated
Joining those who thought they knew
The difference in wrong and right.
It was wrong, they said, to do this to myself,
To stalk around under the sun and
Put the daytime world aside on a shelf.
But how could the moonlight
Be anything but oh-so-right?
Those silly people!
What could they know of the quiet majesty
That lurks while they're sleeping?
What could they have known
Of a silent night world without weeping
In the day, all I saw was sorrow.
At night there was hope for a better tomorrow.
How can I sleep when I know it's no use?
The world will always be filled with abuse.
I'd rather live my life by the light of hope
Than suffer in a dreamer's Hades.
One day is just like the next
Nothing ever happens,
Not to Second Best.
So day-by-day I traveled through my nightmare
Inconsequential by the sun,
A goddess in the moon's gentle stare.
They said to me, "Sleep, child, sleep"
But I lived my life by the night!
Even though, by golly, I loved the light…
But as the wise John Wiggins once said,
"I can always sleep when I'm dead."