She wants revenge.

Swallow your payment.

It's a nasty medason.

You played with her emotions.

Built them up like a tower of blocks and knocked them down.

Lied over and over.

She was already in pain and you gave the knife an extra twist.

But it's your turn to burn.

Some how some day, she'll find your deepest secret, your darkest lie.

If you werent so much like an emotionless rock it would be easy to hurt you with words.

With actions.

That form of revenge isn't good enough.

She'll break your soul apart.

Tair your world in to small peeces.

Cry her tears of fire.

It wont matter.

Get on your knees and beg.

She wont back down.

You lost and she will hold the crown.

While you lay broken on the ground.

She'll say something so beautiful it will hurt deep inside you.

As you fade to nothing.

Or close to it.

Any last words?