She walked casually to her usual spot under the shady tree with a cup of latte in her hand while she hummed to herself. Picking a cool spot, she set her latte down on the soft ground and tossed her backpack beside her as she sat down, cross-legged.

Her backpack buzzed softly and she immediately zipped open her backpack and fumbled through it, cursing herself about her messiness until she found her cell phone.

"Hello? Sorry, I was finding my cell."

The voice over the phone laughed and mildly chastised her. "Took you a while. So, Amber, are you coming today?"

"Mm-hm. Ow, I burned my tongue." She grimaced and gave her latte a sharp look as it were its fault for containing hot liquid.

"Hm. You're funny. Don't forget your wand, dearie."

"Shut up, Crystal. You know we don't need stupid wands. Twigs ain't got any special powers, dude." Amber pulled out a book and shot back at her twin's sarcastic remark. "If that was true, people would be snapping down twigs from everywhere and muttering crazy stuff and pointing at people. You know how dangerous that would be?"

"'Were', not 'was'." Crystal corrected her twin and answered back. "Whatever. Seven, again, yeah?"


"See you, then."

"Bye." She hung up and sighed, picking up her latte and giving it a warning glare before sipping it carefully. She sighed and muttered a small spell as a pen materialized in her hand.

Homework was such tedious labor.

"You're late." Her reflection tapped her feet impatiently with her arms crossed.

"Be quiet, human. And I'm so not late. You're just early." Mocking her sister, she smacked her twin on the shoulder lightly and giggled.

Her reflection twitched.

Laughing, she pushed open the glass door of the bar and walked calmly across the room while her sister followed, threading the dilute crowd. They reached a seemingly invisible door and she leaned forward, muttering softly while writing her name with her finger on the faded door.

Her twin waited impatiently, grumbling about people who take forever to do things.

She opened the door with ease and the two slid in, closing the door behind them and shutting out the dark music in the pub.

Brushing an amber lock from her face, she smiled warmly and hugged her friend who greeted her. Her friend who had bribed a boy with chocolate this morning politely greeted her twin and twin shrugged a gruff "helloImfineandwherethehellisgreenface" back before stalking off to find her friends.

Her friend giggled with her and they headed off to meet their trainer. As sorcerers, they both had the special ability to wield magic. Unwilling to just let their innate talents go to waste, she and her friend had become close friends after discovering each other's secret and with the help of the internet, they found someone who held the same powers they did. Or rather, they found the secret community of sorcerers, witches, wizards, and elementals. Her twin, on the other hand, was not so lucky to inherit so much of these abilities was only limited to the simplest magic spells. Nevertheless, the twins came to this pub almost every week and they both trained in their own ways with different people.

Her twin was more interested in fighting and found friends among those who shared same interests as she did. One of whom was a boy her twin called "green face"; they were close rivals.

Their lessons began, and she threw herself into the complex webs of spells and elvish poetry.