September 2004

We teens have the hardest of times

Trying to make ourselves shine,

But we end up like everyone else;

Wishing for the day we can express ourselves.

We dream about the day we can spread our wings,

Give up the struggle and let our souls sing.

We dream of the day we can walk away

And finally learn to keep our troubles at bay.

Some of us, we will drop down and die.

While others will pull the trigger and die

We are so weak that we hide our feelings in shame

And all we think is that life is a game

Weak, but we know we need someone to guide us

A friend in a parent is too rare of a plus

They try so hard to clone themselves,

They push us back in our depressed shelves

But what the don't see is we don't want to be mended

All we need is to be befriended.