Fuck You

So now I am fucking with cigars
'cause I can't fuck someone else.
So what the fuck
do you think you're looking at?

It's not pretty-and neither am I-
Go ahead…turn my world upside down.
I like it like that.
I'll just go with the flow.
Just keep going-keep pushing forward
like water over rocks.
I'm a waterfall baby.
Don't even think you're
going to wear me down.
I'll erode you like sandpaper-
Ooh yea.

And I know I'll like it like that.
'Cause when I sit here
and smoke cigars
you'll remember
that I forgot to fuck you.

I was...really angry. This is my version of "Anger Managment". I am pretty pleased with this poem. :D

Guys, I have to say I've been slacking. But considering this is my first year of college, just please be patient. One day I'll start reviewing everybody again okay?

I sorrrrrrrrry:(