It was a dream I had.

I was in the desert.

Around me the sun burned

at a million degrees.


I wasn't alone.

There were people.

Red people.

Sunburned people.


Naked people.


They didn't have faces.

In fact, they were featureless.

They walked past me in a

Zombie-like trance.


I told my friend.

She laughed.

Naked sunburned people?

What is that supposed to mean?


That I feel exposed?

That the eyes of others are frying me


I don't know.


Nor, I think, do you.

This is for Piffs who is the laughing friend in the poem. I guess I'd have laughed too if she had told me that she was dreaming of naked beat-red peeling-skinned guys. :-)

Anyways, I'll post more poems later.