You say coincidence, I say bad luck




chapter 1


And I had done it again. I was an idiot. Worse than an idiot, I was an idiot that didn't learn from mistakes. This was probably the 5th time now. I couldn't believe myself, and I was starting to get cold.

I had forgotten to get a towel, again.

Having a cupboard for towels inside the bathroom would have been a good idea. It would have been a great idea, but unfortunately my sister needed all the shelving space for her hair straightener, and curler, and dryer, and crimper, and everything else under the sun you could do to your hair. At least she let me borrow them, or I would have definitely thrown a fit.

So now I was standing in the middle of the bathroom, naked, ready to get into the shower and without a towel. Being naked in front of a huge mirror really isn't fun. I pursed my lips and sighed, I could get back into my clothes and go and get a towel… or I could not get back into my clothes and go and get a towel. Interesting choice. I ended up choosing the later one, only because I knew no one was at home, I was lazy, and I had always had this insane urge to walk through the house completely naked.

I opened the door slowly, and stepped outside, heading for the hallway where we had a huge cupboard, full of all the towels which we didn't have space for in our bathroom. I got about two steps away from the bathroom and then screamed, picking up the first thing I could find on the floor to cover myself with.

It was a giant teddy bear, courtesy of my baby brother. Thank God my mum had let him buy the extra huge one instead of the next size down. But I had other things to think about right that second.

There was someone in front of me. Not just someone either. A male. A fine specimen of male; dark brown hair, bright blue eyes that didn't look real, attractively tall and dressed all in black, but that wasn't the point. There was a male in my house, and I was naked. That was the point.

"Who are you?" I asked positioned the teddy bear's legs so I was completely sure I was fully covered, well… as fully covered as you could get with a bear. It just occurred to me that this man could be a murderer… or worse, a rapist. Why the hell wasn't I running?

"I-" He paused and suddenly picked up a vase which was sitting on a side table next to him. "A vase polisher, I polish vases." He proceeded to rub the vase with a dirty sleeve which just left a dark mark on the side of the crystal clean vase. He hesitated a little before blurting out. "Who are you?"

"I live here. Why are you in my house?"

"Well why are you naked?" He smiled triumphantly as if he had won the battle.

"I was going to have a shower!" I exclaimed. His smile faltered a little. "Can you hand me a towel?" I asked as politely as I could. He looked around a little as if looking for one. I snorted. "It's in the hallway cupboard."

He turned and walked into the hallway, opening the door. "Which one?" He asked after a few seconds.

"I don't care."

"But there's heaps of different col-"

"God, just give me one." I cried out, starting to feel just a little self-conscious. I usually hate an intense dislike of my hair, but I loved it at that moment. It was quite long and a dark blond-y colour. Well long enough to hopefully distract slightly from the fact that I didn't have the 'perfect' body. But unfortunately is wasn't curly, it was acctually pretty straight.

I also promised myself I'd give the teddy bear a nice long spa bath to thank him later, and I'd bake my brother a cake.

He threw me a pink and blue striped towel which I managed to catch while still holding the teddy in place. "A beach towel?" I asked skeptically.

"Hey." He said, holding up his arms in a 'don't-shoot-me' position. "You said any towel. And it's big, so… you know."

I sniffed a little, feeling my cheeks heat up. "No, I don't." I said stubbornly and began to back away in the bathroom.

"It's so if you feel like being a nudist you can do it with a bit of modestly." He smiled a little cheekily at me and I could feel his eyes trying to rove behind the teddy bear.

I gave him my very best 'oh you think you're so smart?' look and took another step backwards. "I'm going to have a shower now, and I'm sure my parents wouldn't really appreciate it if you took all that stuff away from our house." I nodded towards the black bag on the floor in which I could clearly see my sister's laptop sticking out.

He shrugged a little smile falling into place. "I'm just here for the vases milady."

I rolled my eyes and stepped back into the bathroom, closing the door and locking it, and then double checking that I had actually locked it.

Was I completely insane? What the hell was that? Any normal person in such a situation would have screamed and then gone back into the bathroom, locked the door and wouldn't have come out again until 3 hours later. But then again, since when was being robbed while naked ever normal? And I had definitely proven to myself time and time again that I was definitely not normal. Especially when there was a good looking guy involved.

Oh the woes of being me.

I slung the towel over the wall of the shower and got in before turning on the water. I got out again in about 20 minutes. Drying myself off with the towel, I changed into my pajamas and went to open the door before realizing that there was a note that had obviously been slipped under.

Everything's is back in place princess. Just for you.

From your very sexy vase polisher

P.S. you should think about wearing nothing more often, it suits you. :)

I couldn't help smiling.

a/n- I don't really know where this came from, but it came, while I was in the shower funnily enough. I have to warn you that this will most probably not be the kind of story which… would happen in real life. But it might. You never know.

I would appreciate your thoughts.

Thank ya for reading!