You say coincidence, I say bad luck




chapter 16


I spent the rest of the day in a daze. I couldn't concentrate on anything. Leslie had given me a quizzical look when I'd come back into the restaurant, but I'd shrugged it off. I'd spent the rest of lunch making an effort to listen to Olivia's stories and make polite interjections. My mother had looked at me like I'd grown another head when I forced a laugh at one of Olivia's jokes. Dad seemed happy that I was making an effort. Leslie kept glancing at me as if I'd gone insane.

As soon as we got home Leslie cornered me in my bedroom. "Ok, spill sis."

"I'm meeting Jay again tonight!" I squealed.

Leslie seemed almost relieved. "Oh, is that all."

My excitement decreased somewhat, "What do you mean?"

Leslie quickly covered up her mistake, "no, I'm happy for you! It's just… you were acting like you only had one more week to live."

I scoffed, "I can be nice!"

"Not… usually." Leslie answered truthfully.

I opened my mouth to protest, but realized she was right. I was good at holding grudges. "Fine. So what do I wear?" I asked, my voice going up an octave again, and excitement returning in my stomach.

Leslie beamed, obviously happy that I was asking her advice. "We're going to find something perfect!" She squealed, matching my voice and running to my closet. I had a feeling I was going to regret this.

Five outfits later I was exhausted. "I liked the first one." I whined as Leslie pulled a frilly skirt from the back of my closet.

"This is so cute!" She exclaimed.

"You bought it for me." I replied tonelessly.

"Right!" She remembered, "You haven't even worn it yet." She accused me, pulling out the tag.

I shrugged. "It's too frilly."

Leslie's face fell. "But I thought you'd like it." I shrugged. "Wear it tonight!" She decided, her energy returning. She shoved it at me and pulled out a brightly coloured top to match.

I shook my head. "No! This is ridiculous! You are leaving!" I concluded, pushing her out of my room.

"But I want to help." Leslie whined.

"I'm going to do this myself." I said decisively.

Leslie pouted, "Can I at least borrow the skirt?"

"You can have it."

Satisfied, Leslie left. I closed the door behind her and faced the pile of clothes on the floor with dread. If Kat was here, she'd know exactly what to do. She'd pick out something casual, but flirty and gorgeous. I shook my head to get the thought of Kat out of my head. She didn't even like Jay, if she was here she'd probably be ranting about how I shouldn't go and see him.

I picked out a simple blue dress before taking a shower. I dried and straightened my hair meticulously, and put on enough makeup to make myself to look nice without making it look like I was trying. I picked out a pair of black sandals to match.

I sighed when someone knocked on the door. "Come in."

Leslie stalked in, "Dinner's ready."

I nodded, "Do I look okay?" I asked, sincerely wanting to know.

Leslie gave me the once-over and paused, "Are you sure you don't want to wear the skirt?"

"Leslie!" I whined.

She laughed, "I'm kidding, you look cute."

I smiled, "Thanks."

I barely noticed what I ate for dinner, and I paid no attention to the conversation. I rushed up to my room to pack a small purse the small moment I got. Then I kept a watch, looking out my window to see when he'd turn up. It suddenly occurred to me that he hadn't given me any specific instructions. I guess I'd just have to have faith that he'd turn up eventually.

"Lyd?" I turned and saw my mother standing at my door.

I let go of the window sill and backed away from the window a bit. "Oh hey."

"Waiting for someone?" She asked me, a small smile playing on her face.

"No." I answered immediately. "Well, maybe." I really just wanted her to leave, but clearly she had different plans as she moved further into my room and sat down on my bed.

"Do I know him?"

"How do you know it's a him?" I bit back.

She shrugged. "Good guess."

I didn't answer her, but couldn't help myself from glancing back to the window. Still no sign of him.

"Where are you going?" She continued, looking curious.

I faltered, "I… don't know."

"When will you be back?"

"I don't know." I repeated, really hoping this wasn't going to be a problem. I'd never been out too late before unless I was sleeping at a friend's house or with someone she knew. I could almost see her debating in her head which approach to take, and somehow I ended up on the lucky side.

"Try not to be too late." She decided.

I sighed with relief and nodded. "Sure Mum."

"And… be careful." She added softly.

I threw her a grin, "Always!" I said as sincerely as I could.

I rushed back to the window as soon as my mum had left and continued watching the street. Maybe I was meant to wait outside? Maybe I should have suggested that I meet him at his house?

Ten minutes later I was sitting on the bed knotting my hands together and wondering if I'd imagined the whole conversation in my head before Leslie stormed into my room.

"He's outside." She announced dramatically.

"How do you know?"

"Well sister mine, prince charming was throwing pebbles at the wrong window." She didn't seem too happy but I barely cared. I jumped up, heading for the door. Leslie stopped me with a gentle hand on my shoulder, "are you sure about this? How much do you know about him?"

I gave her a surprised look, "What's with the attitude change?"

Leslie pursed her lips and sighed, "He gave me a pretty dirty look when I stuck my head out the window to see what was going on."

I just laughed, "Maybe because you weren't me?"

Leslie shrugged, not convinced, "Yeah, maybe."

"Look at you all worried about me." I gave her a hug and shook my head, "I'll be fine, promise."

Leslie just sighed and nodded, "Just be careful?"

"But of course!" I exclaimed before racing down the stairs. I saw Jay standing a little uncomfortably on the porch after I'd opened the door; it was an odd contrast to the confidence he usually exuded. His demeanor shifted dramatically as soon as he saw me and his tell tale smirk took its place.

"Well you look nice." I gazed at him suspiciously before deciding he was being genuine.

"Thanks, you too." I added a little awkwardly. He looked as handsome as always in jeans and a simple black shirt. I drew my eyes back to his face and let a small smile on my face, "You got the wrong window." I stated teasingly, closing the few steps between us.

He paused, and just shrugged, "It did the trick. You're here now." He rested a gentle hand on my arm for a moment before drawing away and turning towards the gate. "So, lets go."

I took a second to recover from his behaviour and smiled. "Secret spy business right?"

Jay chuckled, making his way to our gate, "Sure, if we have time."

"Time?" I asked hopefully, trailing after him.

He held the gate open for me and waved me threw with a gallant gesture, "Yeah, there's a few things I thought we could do first."


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