Has everyone left me?
Is anyone out there thats ready to hear me?
In these hours I find myself growing colder
In the wake of the times I find myself
A simple cloud grows and places itself as a crown
It burns my eyes red with tears throughout the day

A troubled love of respects, respectively
A pardoned will, will never see
The sunrise cracks over charred remains
If only brains could supernova
Make this pain just go away

And with these words
I know I won't find my solice
But I hope you like the fact
That I'm baring my soul for this

This is the sound you'll hear
My voice will greatfully sing you to sleep
You were a rock underneath my feet
As I stood I seemed to have forgotten
That not only your back was marked fragile

Let's call this casual and love it while it leaves
I'm having strong-armed memories erased
And I'm displacing you with causes ridiculous
Call me by a sacred name issued 20 years ago
I'm not sure I'll recognize the shout
Who I will become is held in purgatory

In a swim to the bottom of the ocean
As my last breath slips past my lips
I'll find answers for why we all faced this
When the curtain was called from the sky in pain
If only brains could supernova, I'd be sustained