The dim and darkened corridors were silent. The walls were orange and stretches of shade crept up the ceiling. The dark halls were depressing, grim and life drained by the dark. But along a certain hall, there was light.

There came a wide opening that gave a silent hum and orange light. A strange man in a shady white garment jumped out from the portal that clung to that left wall, and he sprung off the right. Only a few seconds after did the roaring beasts enter. The millions of purple tentacles springing from the portal came after the cloaked man and collided with the right wall, missing him by a few feet as the mysterious being attempted to turn the corner down the long hallway. The tentacles followed and threw themselves down the way and slammed with a sickening crash against the wall. That had to make a dent. A big one.

"Point of View Switch"

I was just walking around the dimension labyrinth when I heard that sudden crash. I felt a strong vibration that shook the whole hall as I struggled to keep balance. What was that? I thought. Probably one of the main backups failing again. The backups were the twelve different engines that held the dimension together. If even one of them failed, we could be in serious danger.

I ran towards the direction I thought the sound came from. I didn't know what I could do, being just 10 years old, but I had to know. If something was up, I had to warn the Council.

I continued my pace down the corridor. What would I find? I was scared. My run quickened into a rush as my heart felt like it was about to implode.

But when I turned the next corner, I knew for sure it wasn't the backups that caused the sudden noise

I stared in awe and shock as wild tentacles swung about the way, angry with fury and crazy with the absence of self control. They slowly crept back into a mysterious portal and disappeared from sight.

At the incident, I had to force a lump down my throat. I knew what I had just seen. The "Judgment", the great demon that the Council used to defend the dimension from any trespassers, and seeing it actually in the dimension could only mean one thing: It failed it's purpose.

What's going on? A voice rang in my head, taking me by surprise. I knew almost immediately after my shock who's voice it was. The voice of Kawasabi Minoa was too, worried about the sudden noise. I started to reply to her with my thoughts.

I don't know but – my thought was cut off. As the portal disappeared that let the Judgment in, I saw the huge dent in the wall all the way down the corridor. It was as wide as the top to bottom of the hallway. Cracks covered the concave area of the circular hole in the wall. Bits and crannies of the wall were falling off of it like little crumbs off of a piece of toast.

I took in a deep breath at the sight of such damage. I knew the Judgment was powerful, but not this powerful. What? What's going on? What happened? Minoa broke me away from my thoughts with her telepathy again. Minoa was one of the Council members. The Council was a team of the 12 strongest and most powerful people in the known world. They were gifted with eternal life and control over different elements, and grouped together to knock some sense in the world. Minoa was the master of the Mind Element. She could use telekinesis, telepathy and so much more. Not to mention her high IQ.

Nothing, It's just, okay here's what happened – I began to tell her. The Judgment let someone in. There's a whole dent of proof on the corner of fate hall. The Judgment's tentacles failed when they crashed into the wall, missed the intruder, and returned to it's place. For a while, Minoa didn't reply. Obviously because of shock. She probably was thinking of a plan.

Okay, this is what you do. Her voice began again, resuming from her long pause. The moments she had made me wait increased my heart rate little by little. I knew it, I thought. She made a plan within a matter of seconds. She really is amazing. Try to follow the path that you think the person followed as best as you can. If you need more help, then just contact me; I need more time to think about this and discuss it with the rest of the Council. Be safe, you don't know who might have sneaked in. This person obviously has great power if this person could've broken into our dimension and passed the Judgment. Good luck…

I gulped. Was she trying to make me scared? No matter. I had to do what Minoa said anyway. I ran past the large dent, swallowing another lump in my throat before it could form. I was afraid of what I might find, but I had to find out, for the safety of the Council. I may be just their trainee because they say I'm "gifted" but they believe I could make a difference. So it's about time I made one. I held back a strand of my long, metro hair to allow full sight. I continued down the hall and kept making rights and lefts. I was sure I had been wandering around for 5 minutes until something caught my attention. A glowing light, it seemed. Down Fate Hall, the longest hall in the dimension, came a faint glowing light. It was multicolored and unusual, so I decided to check it out.

Starting with small steps, I walked toward the light. I tried squinting but I couldn't see anything past it. I took in a deep breath and told myself I could do this. I had to do this. I had to prove myself that I won't be a failure. With a burst of confidence, I ran off towards the shining light.

"Point of View Switch"

As Minoa's eyes opened and revealed her pale marble eyes, she posed a serious expression on her face. "What's wrong?" Hibiyomi asked. As he spoke his words, Minoa sensed shifting amongst the room. The stuffy place they were in had the whole Council in it. They would always remain this quiet when something serious was going on, and since it had been a long time since that last happened, things were more ominous now. "You do know that, if it really is what we think…" Hibiyomi started again, his eyes narrowing upon the darkness.

"If it really is what we expect, then we all have to prepare to be ready and go all out, got it?!" Minoa said strictly a little more than she meant. She clenched her fist. It started to shake in her grip. She couldn't believe it if it was really true. Why, why now? She thought. Why? As her own fear went against her words, she knew that the others were feeling the same.

"Point of View Switch"

The light seemed to die out as I progressed through it. It seemed like I was walking through a cloud of bright white, the hallway around me not dark anymore, but pale white with over illuminated surroundings. The light finally died down, and seemed to crawl back through a door that led to small room, labeled "LIBRARY" What could be going on? I thought. I took caution as I peeked into the room. I couldn't see much but I saw a cloaked man with his back to me, and a small ball of light on a scroll seemed to be right in front of him. I turned back to the side of the door, with my back against the wall. I swallowed hard and tried to contact Minoa

Minoa, are you there? I found the person who broke in, now what? I told her, focusing as hard as I could.

What? She sounded surprised. I probably shocked her with my sudden message like she did to me earlier. Can you describe him the person to us? Her reply choked.

He's wearing this white garment over his body with a hood, about average height and a scroll in front of him.

I could tell she was shocked yet again. All right, I'll get Hibiyomi and Tsukansu over. Don't do anything without authority, got it? You could be in great danger right now…

I swallowed my third lump. I had to wait… with this stranger in the next room? No way! Why was I so afraid all the time? I hated this quality about me… how can I get over this? How?! I followed instructions and waited… It felt like it was the longest wait I had ever had to experience.

About who knows how long later I noticed the shadows moving in a strange pattern on the floor, fluttering its wild silhouette n the floor. First I only saw a dark blank being rise from the floor in the shape of a human, but soon the details slowly came in all at once. I watched fearfully as the shadows shifted and an uprising figure revealed himself. It had the face of Hibiyomi, who always had his identity hidden in a shadowy mask. Or was it an overall armor? No one could tell. Only he knew.

Hibiyomi was the master of shadow element, and obviously arrived first because of his shadow transportation. His eyes opened slowly, and gave the serious look he always did. He never talked much, always hid behind his human shaped shield, his real face never seen. Only his pointy oval eyes with large, gray pupils revealed most of his emotions, and almost all the time, it was a serious, mean one.

He gave a small glance to me as he walked slowly by and to the door. It didn't seem much like it, but I was thinking that he was walking so slow because he was nervous, and what could Hibiyomi be nervous about? I thought. He was strong, independent, and goodhearted. He had two of the three things I needed

Hibiyomi took one peek into the room, and turned back out. His eyes showed surprise and a bit of anger. I thought he was about to go berserk. But he calmed down, and closed his eyes. It seemed like he was in complete focus, and in a moment, he disappeared. His body slowly dissolved into wisps of black smoke he left behind after he was totally gone, and I turned my attention to inside of the room.

The cloaked man was still in the same position as I had seen him before. It's like he's frozen, I thought. What could he be doing? What was that light and that scroll? I saw Hibiyomi come out from the shadows of the corners of the room. I was surprised that I could see anything with the dimmed light of this whole place.

"It's over, White Cloak." Hibiyomi said steadily. He clasped his hands together, and in a instant, large whips of shadow crashed from below the ground and whipped around the room wildly. They threw themselves at this apparently "White Cloak" person, but something blocked them. I couldn't see what it was, but it was powerful. It even shook the air in the room with a snap!

"Die!" I heard Hibiyomi yell. I've never seen him so angry. He looked completely frustrated even though he had just begun fighting. I couldn't help but wonder: Did this White Cloak person have to do something with Hibiyomi, or even the whole council? Just who was this person?

He clasped his hands together loudly yet again, and more raging whips emerged to attack the cloaked man. White Cloak remained stationary, he didn't even move. And all of Hibiyomi's attacks were being blocked by this invisible, spherical force, surrounding him like he was the air in a ball. Was it some outside power helping White Cloak out, or was he actually causing these shields? I've never ever seen Hibiyomi's attacks been blocked, I realized.

An instant later came blades of black coming from the shadows, protruding from the ground like two feet pillars, attacking White Cloak from the front, but it was too, deflected off to the side. Just what was going on? I stared in amazement and hope as a blanket of shadows completely engulfed White Cloak's defense, but it was also deflected just like every other attack, and this time with a huge blow. I had to cover my eyes to protect myself from the flying dark energy and hold on to the doorway to stop myself from being blown away. The huge wind didn't seem to affect Hibiyomi's position.

"I have to… I have to stop him!" Hibiyomi said confidently, his anger pouring out like a spilled bottle of water. Hibiyomi kept up with the shadow attacks, and they all kept failing, being deflected in every which-a-way.

I stared closer as I saw a blue light on the faint white light that was still there on the open scroll, which was also stationary in the air in front of White Cloak. It seemed like he was drawing some kind of pattern of circles in it with many combinations that took him so long to draw. With every stroke and streak he made with his fingers on the middle of the scroll, it shone brightly like a neon light in the mid-winter. Seeing the whole scene of Hibiyomi desperately trying to get through his shield, and the glowing fingers of the mysterious White Cloak as he drew with light on the scroll made me worry. If Hibiyomi couldn't beat this guy, who would?

I could've sworn that a second later, I heard a rushing behind me. It sounded so different than what you would usually hear in this dimension. Something I couldn't put my finger on it, but I think it sounded something like… the ocean. I turned around quickly to find a large, rushing tide of water crashing down the hall and towards my direction. The vicious waves tore through the hall, flowing the entire way with its wet, soppy steps. On top of the largest wave was a figure toppled on top of it. He was standing right on top!

The figure was riding the waves, his arms perched back, his position head first. His hair swinging with the air like a crazy bird's wing. He rode the waves closer and closer, and I knew who it was in an instant. It was the Water Council, Tsukansu, just like Minoa had promised As he came closer to us, I wondered why his water took so long compared to Hibiyomi's shadows. My thoughts were disturbed as I was blown away by a huge wave the size of the whole hallway. I grappled on to the side of the door as I was pushed by the forceful waves, holding on to dear life. The water soon dried away, and in a matter of seconds I found Tsukansu right in front of me.

"Sorry I'm late, Jeremy-san," he said with a smile, staring at me with his old, wise eyes. He gave a pat on my head like he always would do, and I hated it just like I always had. His eyes glinted with the unseen light of the hall. Tsukansu was a fairly nice and communicative person. He had a big thing of hair, shaped like a downward triangle, going down the right side of his face, as lengthy up to his shoulder. His brown, graceful hair was natural, and his brown, sad eyes made you remember the face of a pet shih tzu. I stared back at him nervously as he kept his stare for about 30 seconds or so, until finally:

"Tsukansu!" Hibiyomi shouted from the room. "We've got some major trouble…"

"You mean-!" Tsukansu didn't finish his thought. His happy stare and smile turned to an expression of seriousness and anxiety. He rushed into the room in a hurry, his Council Robes fluttering by. "Can't be!" he shouted from inside, leaving me behind in the hallway. So White Cloak was that serious to change Tsukansu's emotions so quickly? Just who was this guy? These thoughts piqued my interest as I turned my eyes back to the room, careful of not to expose my whole body into the doorway.

"Get ready. You know what to do." Hibiyomi told Tsukansu, turning his head back to Tsukansu and narrowing his eyes at him.

"Right," Tsukansu replied, disappearing with lightning speed, jumping at least 10 feet into the air. The room was only so small and dark, it was hard for me to observe most of what they did. But here's what I could make out:

Tsukansu jumped in the air, inhaling a big whiff of air, his head holding back and chest expanding. When he exhaled, a big blast of pressurized water came streaming out of his mouth, his cheeks full with the liquid. He leaned his head forward into the attack as his hair fluttered like a drunken wing, and the stream of water was being deflected in all directions by the invisible spherical shield. The hit was so big that it almost covered the whole area of the shield. The friction of the water against the shield made a rushing sound that you would usually hear when you went to the beach and listened to the quiet pace of the ocean, but a much rushed pattern than that of the peaceful sea.

Water was flying all over the room, and the duration of this attack was about 10 seconds or so. When he finished, he fell back down on the floor, landing on his feet with a powerful click of his shoes. I was totally amazed. At that moment, I wished I could do something amazing like that. But I can't. Sure, the Council had told me that I had special powers undiscovered and took me in, but I don't really believe them right now. They are my close friends, but in the five years we've been together I've never noticed any signs of "special powers" like Tsukansu's Water Streams or Hibiyomi's Black Blades.

At the same time Tsukansu landed his feet on the floor, Hibiyomi suddenly appeared behind White Cloak with blinding speed, who was still drawing the damned circle. Hibiyomi held a thin and long blade of shadow protruding from his long Council Robe sleeve. He sliced and spun, twisted and tightened the attack. The blade kept swinging in all directions as bits of shadow energy was being deflected off the shield. Hibiyomi's figure was spinning around in it's position, and changing positions frequently as well. He finally gave what looked like the final blow and struck right through the shield, and thankfully it made it through. The blade cracked through the force field and right through White Cloak's back and chest. Blood started spreading through the White garment, and Hibiyomi, Tsukansu, and I stared in amazement as we waited to see what happened next…