I Heard Your Voice Even When You Say Bye

I heard your voice even when you say bye

Sitting at the corner giggling at my stupidity

What was I thinking; brain has lost its truth

And I wanted to hear your voice and feel your presence closely

Drunken night's another demented game embarrassed me so

Just when the feeling calls me out; you're my soberness

Maybe it's not right; maybe I should just take another lonely walk

Emptying the bottle one by one, as you just figure with life's another friend

Hearing you, happy is not an enough word and your voice gently stirs my heart

Maybe it needs to stop beating

Oh what do I know, nothing, what do I dare, no time

I'm just glad you're there and my ears glimpse into your world

I'm weak; this is not a game to be appreciated...or is it?

Apology goes to every unrest this might spell

But the feeling remains still, you, your voice, I can forever sleep to its tune

The pretty melody resonates within my mind

Maybe this is totally wrong; maybe this is all nonsense, but I still

Heard your voice even when you say bye

Was thankful to hear your voice even when you say bye