Prologue – Subjective Objections

06:13 Hours, July 24, 2023 (Civilian Calendar) /

Michigan/Canadian Border

It was the perfect place to hide the most illegal and secret laboratory ever. Nearly half a kilometre underground and more than one hundred from any other form of civilisation. On the surface, in the middle of a forest in the north of the USA, a single wooden cabin, owned by an elderly man, was built against the side of a rocky mountain, pine trees and other shrub growing tall and broad, making it almost impossible to be seen by air. However, inside the cabin was an old man living his life out, never eating or drinking the food and liquids in the dwelling, but always sleeping at night, making his bed in the morning, chopping the wood outside, so on and so forth.

However, if one were to make the treacherous journey to the mans' house, and were to carefully observe him, they would notice that he did everything the same each day. Always did the exact same chores he did the day before, in the exact same way. When he brought the axe down through the wood pieces, it always landed in the same spot, never to the side. And if one were to watch the house for more than a few hours at a time, they would see people not wearing clothes suited for the environment leave the shack, amble around having a cigarette or just talk, completely ignoring the man and then go back inside, not to be seen for a extended period of time.

This was because all was not as it seems. The old man, dubbed 'Phil' by the men who entered and exited the cabin, was in fact just a robot, an android programmed to do certain tasks and nothing else. The American government had started the Android program, and they had also finished it, since trying to use androids in battle didn't work well at all. They were all scrapped, save for a few which 'disappeared' and were never seen or heard about again. Directly under the cabin, through natural dirt and rock, concrete and steel barriers, a large building had been constructed, originally used for biological experimentation. However, after many failures, it had been forgotten until a member of the government chose a group of people to work on completely classified matters. These were so classified, that the President or anyone else in the world knew about it except that member of government and the people living and working inside the facility.

A man slowly walked out of the cabin, he was in his late fifties, and if it weren't for his job working at the facility, he would have retired a long time ago. He walked along a short dirt path, his white lab coat fluttering around in the breeze, his hand searching for something inside his coat pocket. It came out a few seconds later with a small box and a lighter. He screwed the butt of a cigarette and put the box away, lighting it with his free hand. He then pocketed the lighter; smoke billowing out from his mouth. At the end of the path was a small clearing, a wooden stump just to the side. The man sat down, smoke filtering upwards and looked at the forest below him. It was early in the morning, and there was a fine mist stretching through the trees, only the top few branches and heads poking out the top. The sun was slowly rising off in the horizon, throwing blood light over the white mist, making it look as if the forest was flooded in the blood of the trees, each one slowly being murdered by industries around the world.

"Hey, George." A voice procured behind him. George took out the cigarette and looked around, a younger man standing behind him. George's greying hair buzzed slightly in the breeze, whereas the younger mans brown hair didn't move from its combed position.

"Henry." George replied, nodding. Henry sat down on a stump a couple of meters from George and looked at him for a moment. "What?"

"George, I've been thinking. If this works, if we're successful, what will it mean?" Henry asked, a serious look of concern on his face.

"It would mean that we've completed the impossible. We will be the first to get a humans brain to use more than ten percent of its usage. Why would you ask something like that?" George explained.

"It's just…we don't know what will happen. The subject has only been out for an hour; we have no idea if it will even survive the process. And if it does, it may just become a vegetable. There are too many anomalies for this project to go off without a hitch. There are too many variables that we haven't properly calculated." Henry answered.

"Maybe so. But if the subject does survive and is not comatose, it would not be that hard to work out the quirks. According to my research, it will just mean that the subject will be able to think and do mental tasks quicker and more efficient than before. Hell, it might even boost the physical effects. Make them faster, more alert and so on. It's not as if it's going to turn into an uncontrollable creature and destroy the world." George explained.

"But…something just…doesn't feel right." Henry said, looking for the right words.

"Bah, nonsense. Genetic Engineering may be illegal, but if what we're doing to the subject is for the benefit for mankind, a few sacrifices must be made, and some laws must be broken." George flicked the butt of the smoked cigarette and crushed the remains with his foot, putting it out. The two got up and walked back towards the cabin, Phil chipping wood. Henry looked over a bit and noticed that there was only one groove in the entire stump that he was chopping on. He chuckled a bit, thinking how obvious he would be if someone somehow did reach the cabin and saw him. The two strolled into the cabin, headed towards the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. A light mist drizzled out and they walked through it, Henry going first. George closed the door behind them, the sound of the fridge starting up again. On the other side of the door was a long metallic corridor, with a double door at the end.

"Anyway. The subject has been sedated and is currently being examined. If any of the staff begin to feel the willies, there is nothing they can do about it. We've come to far to simply give up, spent too much money to say no." George explained, placing his hand against a scanner beside the doors. The scanner first scanned his fingerprints, then the placement of his fingers according to examination of his underside knuckles. It was finished with a painless prick for DNA cross-reference. The doors slid opened and a small box came into view. The two stepped into the elevator and George pushed one of the only two buttons there. The doors closed themselves and the lift lowered rapidly, the two feeling the instant effects as they were lowered down into the earth.

"So…are you seeing anyone?" George asked after a while, trying to break the silence of expectation.

"Not yet," Henry started. He was about to continue when red lights started flashing, klaxons blaring. The two looked around wildly. George looked at the digital floor read-out on the wall. It had changed from the depth of the lift to a schematic of the building itself. "Is it a fire?"

"No, I don't think so. No smoke alarms have gone off yet." George answered, his eyes fleeting over the graphical drawings. The lift arrived at ground floor and the doors opened, revealing nothing but a calm corridor, aside from the klaxons and flashing red lights. The two walked out at a quick pace, shoes rapping on the ground. They rounded a corner and a young woman charged into them, the three collapsing on the ground. She wasn't that young, probably in her mid twenties. A white lab coat and glasses proved instantly that she worked here, not a terrorist who had somehow got in.

"Mary, what the hell is going on?" George barked, getting to his feet, pulling her to her own.

"It's the subject, Doctor. Something's not right. Come with me." She explained. She turned and all three began to run towards the direction Mary had come from.

"What happened?" Henry asked as they ran down another corridor, a large hole in the left wall and another in the right a few meters down.

"We're not sure. A number of scientists were studying the subject when it seemed to wake up," She began.

"But that's not possible! The sedative should have had it out for well over a day." George proclaimed.

"Well, it didn't work. The subject sat up and ripped out the IV and pulled off the heart and brain monitors. And then they all…exploded." The three reached the end of the corridor and George opened the subject room. The doors opened and showed a ravaged room. There was blood on the ground, not much, but a notable amount. Glass was everywhere as well as a clear liquid. There were two bodies in the lab, both male lying in the corner of the room. From the blood on the wall, it looked like they had been thrown there before collapsing. Henry ran over to them, his finger pressing against their necks.

"They're alive." He called back over the sparking from a broken machine. George felt a slight sigh of relief leave his lungs, but he didn't notice it. Then the sprinklers activated. Water poured down from the vents overhead.

"Get out of here!" George yelled, the broken machines sill on. He grabbed Mary and dragged her out the door. Henry dodged a puddle and ran towards them, only to have his foot dip into another. His body suddenly went rigid like a wooden plank for a second before jerking around, sparks flying from the water and his body.

"Oh god!" Mary screamed, her eyes wide with horror. After a while, his body then collapsed to the ground, smoking.

"Come on, we need to get out of here." He growled. The two turned away and headed back towards the lift. He had no idea where anyone else was or the subject for that matter. As they past one of the holes in the wall, George noticed smoke pouring out of it. He stopped and looked in. fire was consuming everything in its path, not even hindered by the water. As he looked further in, he saw bottles of coloured liquids on shelves around the entire room.

"Oh no." He whispered. "Come on! That's the Chemical Storage!"

George grabbed Mary and pulled her away, running as fast as he could. There was a loud explosion and they were hurtled forward through the air, landing roughly. He looked back and saw the corridor collapse further back, slowly spreading outwards. His eyes widened slowly as he realised that in a few seconds, the ceiling above them would soon collapse. He scampered to his feet and picked up Mary, throwing her over his shoulder like a rag doll. He managed to run down the corridor, fire, steel and concrete falling down just behind him. A flash of flame spit forward, licking the back of George's leg, singing the hairs off, melting the his pants material to his flesh. He cried out in pain, but kept moving, Mary screaming in his ear and the ground rumbling.

There was a loud crash behind him as a main support beam fell across the corridor, blocking the fire from them, stopping the collapse. The fire decided to move upwards, and began to eat away at the inside of the laboratory. Storerooms with chemicals exploded, powering the fire like an unforgiving demon of hell. Scientists, orderlies and other staff were burned alive in trapped corridors, blown away by the explosions or crushed by the collapsing building. Outside, Phil fell over, the entire mountainside seeming to shake. The tip of the mountain suddenly rose a meter before coming down, collapsing and causing a large rock fall to ensue.

George, still carrying Mary rounded the final corner, the lift just meters away. He could feel the ground trembling, knowing he had to get out soon or be crushed within the imploding facility. However, he skidded to a stop at seeing a figure standing in front of him, facing the elevator doors, the figures face only inches away from the metal. George and Mary were only a couple of meters behind the figure. The person, a young man, had his hands clenched at his sides, his head shaking slightly. George then noticed the scars all over the mans' back, and knew exactly who he was.

"But…it's not possible." George whispered. How did he get here so easily? How did he get past the guards? Did he start all this, he thought.

"Carefully. Easily. Yes." The man slowly said. His fists unclenched and he turned around, the lift doors opening behind him. George stared at his face, avoided the crisscrossing scars over his chest, and a large bandage over most of his shaven head. The stitches were still in his wounds. He took a step back and raised his left hand, palm facing towards them. George felt like he had been hit in the chest with a sledgehammer as he was thrown back against the wall. His vision blurred slightly, but he could still see. Some how, Mary simply slipped out of his grasp and remained floating in the air. Then, like a feather on a low breeze, she floated towards the test subject they had experimented on. He extended his other arm and placed a shocked Mary over it before slinging her over his shoulders. There was a large explosion and the ceiling began to collapse, this time brining dirt down as well as the entire mountain began to implode.

"Hel—" Mary tried to scream, but with the movement of the subject's fingers, the doors closed and the elevator shot to the surface, only two people surviving from three hundred people. George sat on the ground, laid up against the wall as everything, his work, his life, collapsed around him. He thought about what had just happened, him flying back just by the subject simply holding its hand out, moving Mary just by thinking. They had achieved more than making a human think faster, but making it something more powerful they could have ever imagined.

"Perfect." He whispered, the mountain collapsing onto him.

Well, here it is, the first piece for my next project,
100. After finishing Down With The Sickness, this will be my serious story, the one I'll be focusing on for most of the year. I'll probably put a few short ones up now and again, but this will be my…baby. I've spent a lot of time researching about telekinesis, mind powers, stuff like that. I got the idea while playing Second Sight for the X-Box. Fun game by the way. However, I will NOT be cancelling this halfway through. Unlike the problem I had with Stillwater, this will not be like the game plot-wise. It will have a few similarities, like duel-plot, mind powers, stuff like that, but the overall plot, characters, that kind of crap will be totally different. This will probably be my least profane story, as there will be a few military and civilised places, but there will be some. Just not as intense as War's heart, which came up as f being used 643 times in the version up on Fiction Press. The one I've printed off for mates, neighbours, etc, is about 721. Also, this won't be my most violent story. Yes, there will be blood, (Saw II reference, booyah. Good movie too.) but it won't be over the top stuff like my previous ones. It'll be there, just not as pronounced…in a way.

In a nutshell, this is going to be my project for this year, and chapters will come out aprox. 1 every 3 weeks or so. I'm quitting school, tank god, so I won't be spending time studying for exams and stuff, I'll just be using my time working. However, when I get a 360, things will be moving slower as I'll be getting Prey and Dead Rising first, and Halo 3 when it comes out…and halo Wars and the untitled Peter Jackson Halo game. Hopefully though, this will not affect my overall writing process.

Well, that's enough from me, I'm going off to go and play call Of Cthulhu: Dark Corners Of The Earth. Fucking scariest game since Silent Hill. Catch you on the flipside,