Author's Note: Doctors of all types are my greatest source of inspiration in life. Not just in my goals, but in order to keep myself alive. I've always wanted to be a doctor, but I'm just not smart and good enough. Therefore, I salute all doctors doing their work for everyone. Somebody, I hope that I can still keep that dream.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Note that this story is not your typical doctor story – not all doctors choose life or suffering over death. People have their own choices, and because they do, people of different morals challenge them. And as long as people's morals differ, the challenges continue.

You are about to read the story of two people with opposing beliefs, and the people around them who choose different paths.

This story is not meant to offend anyone in anyway or insult religious or moral beliefs. This story is for the respect of everyone's inner beliefs.


For doctors that choose life…

Since the dawn of time, Mankind had chosen to survive.

Other animals were sacrificed in their place, but that was the meaning of survival.

During the early years of history, Mankind had no cure for every disease that plagued them.

It was to this, that people came to blame their ill bodies on the works of witches, demons, and other otherworldly beings – using rites, magic spells, and unorthodox methods to cure what cannot be explained.

Mankind eventually came to the realization that cures can only come from science and study, not rumors and powers they didn't have or comprehend.

But the cures of science cannot cure every burden. Thus, there is another such cure.

Faith. Hope. Belief. The will to live. Those beliefs kept Mankind alive.

In today's world, a real-life utopia, science has made cures beyond normal human comprehension… but it all came with a deadly price.

Though science was a cure, it was also the disease. Nay, it was the very creator of some of today's wielder of the scythe, the reaper's blade.

It created war, and it created bio-terrorism.

It was its own disease.

"In the end, Mankind chose to use science anyway," the young man said to himself as he sat carelessly at a city curb's public bench, reading an open book that held up to his face. "…Because Man knew faith will never be enough."

He grinned as he looked to the sky, closing the book as his arms stretched across the bench that hang without a care in the world, his white formal caressing the bench's rest.

He suddenly heard a loud screeching noise, and looked forward. "…Well speak of the devil."




Chapter 1: The man at the bench--

By Bleu Ciel


Current Day - 8:14AM, a market street in London

The black cab was out of control. It swerved left and right carelessly without a thought, and dangerously headed for the unwary man in the bench. But he didn't care, because somehow he knew it would hit the lamppost on his left anyway.

Hit it did. With a loud crash, the cab smashed soundly into the lamppost, crashing it down several meters away from the daredevil man sitting on the bench. Fire and smoke ran amok from the wreckage, and the area started to light abuzz with the flocking people curious of the scene at sight.

"Not even going to help?" the man said aloud to particularly no one, as he viewed the flocking townsfolk who only got so close to the scene of the accident. "Well, that's quite sad… And I was hoping to get home early today."

The young man at the bench sat still as the police and the firemen arrived. The police quickly closed the block off as the firemen turned on their engines and hosed the wrecked cab down – all the while as the man sat quietly at the bench, ignored in the chaos.

"--Hey, you can't enter here!"

The young man looked to his side where a young woman in her twenties forced her way through the blockade and into the site of the crash. From the looks of it, the woman was obviously being stopped by the police barricade. "Look, miss, a car accident's occurred and this place is off limits! Get out of here before it gets dangerous—"

"--My life is all about the danger of other people's lives," the young woman suddenly spoke as she showed the officers her University ID. The name "Eve Farrell" was imprinted on it, as well as her chosen profession. "I'm a trained medical assistant. The ambulance was delayed due to another accident on the way and returned to the hospital first. Another ambulance won't be here until then, so I'm here to take their place."

"Um, go ahead then, miss," the officer said reluctantly.

"Thank you," she nodded half-heartedly, knowing that her little delay could put the cab driver and his passenger's life into danger as time passes. With haste, she runs towards the site where the firemen had already carried the two wounded off the cab and lying on the ground.

"I'm a trained medical assistant at Stavros University," she declared as she showed the firemen her ID. "I can take it from here… Were they taken from the wreckage with the proper procedure?"

"Yes, ma'am," a fireman replied. "With the emergency airbag in the driver's seat, the cabdriver came out with only a slight concussion. He wasn't intoxicated or anything, so we don't know what caused him to crash like that. The woman who was his passenger however…"

Eve looked to her right where the woman rested and indeed, she was full of visible marks. "…I'll get right on it."

As the firemen drove off and with the policemen barricading the area, the student went to work. Taking out her medical case, she was about to start when…

"An experienced student practicing to be a nurse… Eve, right?"

She looks to her left in surprise as the man sitting in the bench came to her view as the smoke cleared. Though he was still partially surrounded with the thick smoke, he didn't cough or choke or move and acted as if nothing was happening.

"Who the heck are you!? How long have you been there!?"

"…I'm just a man on a sightseeing tour, reading a good book on his day off. I've been here since the incident started."

"Then what the heck are you still sitting there for!? Get yourself out of here, or at least help me with these two!"

The man looked back up at the clear sky and whistles. "…No. I think I'll stay here. As for the help, it's not really my problem."

"You-- Don't you care if these people DIE!?"

"People die," he sighed. "And they shall continue to. Everyday, patients die a horrible painful death after a long and futile struggle to live. Even doctors or nurses like you can't prevent death. It's a natural phenomenon."

Eve sneered aside. "Accidents like these aren't 'natural'."

To her surprise, the man suddenly laughed. He laughed so hard his sides began to hurt, and that fact just annoyed Eve all the more. "That's amusing," the young man remarked as he waved his naturally white hair out of his eyes and looked to Eve with an ominous smile. "If you're so bent on saving their lives, then by all means – save them. I'll be here watching you fail."

"There!" Eve suddenly exclaimed. To the man's surprise, the passenger was all patched up, the wounds stitched and bandaged in the short time they were speaking. "So… you were working as we spoke. You're very efficient. Looks like your practice wasn't just for show."

Eve grinned triumphantly. "Heh, like I said: I refuse to let these people die."

"Suit yourself," the man taunted back. "You still have another one to do." He then points to the cabdriver not far from her who appears to be shaking strangely. "Spasms, irregular heart contractions, unresponsiveness, abnormal breathing... he's close to flatlining… With those symptoms, I'm guessing he's having heart problems."

"H-Heart problems!?" Eve shuddered.

"What's the matter?" the man smiled. "Don't be a hypocrite. Save him. Or are you going to watch him die?"

Eve swallowed. She has done only part of the whole heart surgery procedure before. For heaven's sake, she was training to be a medical assistant – not a heart surgeon! But still…

Taking out new gloves, she took out syringes and her scalpel. "I may not be that good at it yet, but I'll do my best!"

"…Are you sure? You don't even know what kind of heart problem it is. Your patient might die."

"……I will take full responsibility."

"DON'T BE A FOOL!!" the man suddenly screamed, shocking Eve so loudly she dropped her scalpel. "'Take responsibility'? You know what… screw that! If this man dies he stays dead! No amount of responsibility can fix your stupid mistake!"

"Stopping me is YOUR mistake!" Eve exclaimed back. "I don't see you helping! What do you care!? Don't you even wonder if this man had a family… and all you can tell them is that you stood by and watched him DIE!?"

"Don't you sometimes wonder," Cross replied sadly, "if the man you're trying to save has a family… and all you did was just… take responsibility?"

Eve replied nothing. As far as she knew, the conversation was over. No, the conversation didn't even matter at all in the beginning. While they battered their petty rivalry of morals, the man gasped his last few moments, and she knew it wasn't long before the man finally reached his end. She couldn't take the suspense. She knew the man was going to die. Should she just watch? Should she wait for an ambulance she knows won't make it to the hospital in time?

She wonders if the man did have family… and if she was either watching him die or taking responsibility.

"What am I supposed to do?" she cried. "Just… sit here patiently and watch him die!? When no one else can save him!?"

"No," the man said strangely calmly. "You should sit there patiently, watch over them, and wait for those who know how."

The man suddenly hears loud ambulance sirens on his right. Standing up, he grins, "Speaking of which…"

The ambulance screeches wildly in front of the scene. Before even coming to a complete halt, several people dressed in white came out and ran towards where the two injured were resting. Eve watched in amazement as their speed and efficiency took over the situation. 'The White Cross!' she thought in amazement.

"The passenger's vitals are fine, and… oh, she's already stitched up," a male nurse said from underneath his mask. "Get the stretcher here. She should be fine, but we should still get her for a full check-up at the hospital… How about the other one?"

"Not good," a female nurse in her forties said hysterically. "He's gone into cardiac arrest! Ventricular fibrillation's occurred! We need the defibrillator, stat!"

"That's enough, Ms. Abril," the young man spoke as he stood up and stretched his arms.

The female nurse looked to her side in surprise, as the man fixed his wrinkled clothes and waved his white hair. "D... Doctor Cross!"

Eve's eyes dilated as he turned around to face the man who sat at the bench only minutes ago. "A… doctor?"

The male nurse came forward, equally surprised as the other two. "S-Sir Cross! I… I thought you were on a week's vacation?"

"Not anymore," he sighed sadly as he stretched up. "That man won't make it to the hospital. I'm fixing him up… right here."

"Y-You can't do that here!" Eve protested. "It's against procedure and it's not sanitary… and--"

"--I told you to wait for those who know how," the man replied, as he equipped one glove on his right hand. "I'm here now – this man won't die."

Eve swallowed with fear as he looked into the man's eyes. "Don't look away, Ms. Eve," Cross' eyes glowed, looking back to the student as he showed her his left hand where the tattoo of a white cross was clearly engraved. "I know you tried to do what you can to help people…" He then faced back to his patient with determination, as he placed his left hand onto the cabdriver's chest.

"…But I'll show you there's more to being a doctor than just good intentions."

To be continued…


NEXT CHAPTER: Life passes on and incidents are forgotten. One year after that fateful encounter, the medical student Eve Farrell holds vices against the same person that had been her inspiration. With her university graduation ended, she has been readied to be employed into her life's greatest dream – White Cross International. Is her life-long dream the dream she has envisioned… or is that dream just an illusion of the life and death she now had full responsibility of?



1. Stavros University – a fictional university where the story's heroine Eve is studying to become a trained medical assistant. Developed by the founder, Stavros de Wayne - the original owner of Stavros Pharmaceuticals. The word Stavros means "cross."

2. Scalpel – a very sharp knife used for surgery. Scalpel's can have a fixed blade or a replaceable and dispensable one. In today's modern world, laser scalpels are also available, cutting tissue by means of laser light energy.

3. Cardiac Arrest – the failure of the heart to contract effectively during systole. Primary first-aid treatment for cardiac arrest is the well-known cardiopulmonary resuscitation (otherwise known as CPR).

4. Ventricular Fibrillation – the most important treatable cause of cardiac arrest. Consists of a lack of coordination of the muscle tissue of the large chambers of the heart, eventually leading to the heart stopping altogether.

5. Defibrillator – medical device used to defibrillate the heart in the event of a ventricular fibrillation (see above). This device, instead of starting the heart, stops it with thousands of volts of electricity, allowing it to contract back at its original pace. Internal Pacemakers are used if the heart's contraction abnormality happens more often for the person.


EXTENDED NOTE: If you're trying to prove a point to someone, I recommend you don't do what Doctor Cross did. You could, in fact, get arrested for willful negligence. If you're on the scene of an accident, of sound mind and body, and STILL regret to help, that's illegal (and sick) - especially for a surgeon like Doctor Cross. Why was he not arrested? Well, you'll have to prove they were there first. Since the chaos and smoke prevented view of the "man at the bench" - a fact that he obviously foresaw - nobody could really prove he was there at the time of the accident. He could have easily said that he only got there to operate on the cab driver. So... no plothole there.


Author's Note: Whew! My first doctor story's first chapter is dooooone! Well, it's not really my first doctor story (because my other FP story has a doctor in it, but he's also a pop-idol and isn't really as concentrated about the doctor part as this one so…) Wow, I can't believe I really did it.

As I said, this was just a prologue. The next chapter's story will occur about a year after this chapter's incident – a look at what happened after Eve graduated from university. I hope you enjoyed it enough to leave a review! And though I don't know a lot about medical surgery or Biology (Biology is my worst subject, but I like it all the same because it's very interesting), but I'll try my best at the next chapter.