Author's Note: I haven't been writing in ages, seriously. So forgive, please? And yeah… here we go.

Pack You in My Luggage and Miss the Last Train Home


I decide not to head to my humble apartment just yet, simply because I don't want to. That's what everyone says, but I'm not like everyone else – or so I'd like to believe. So I'll tell you why I'm not going home.

First, my boss ignites and spreads wild fire at the office for accusing me of allegedly spilling coffee on some documents that were due today. Second, my officemate, who was the one who spilled the damn coffee, wouldn't speak up. Third, I took the damn blame for him since he had enough problems – his girlfriend threatened to break up with him.

Lastly, I'm fucked up, to summarize it all. Did I tell you that I got suspended for two days just because of the damn caffeine?!

I wonder what I did in my past life that I deserved this. I must've had sex with a man.

But is it really that bad?


But you know, I've been thinking for a while now…

And that while is 8 whole agonizing years.

I think I'm gay.

Wait, I'm not sure. It's too bad Gustav can't answer me. Why? 'Cause his mouth is stuffed with 100 percent cotton.

He's my best friend. Well, my stuffed toy best friend. He's more of a listener really, 'cause that's all he can do.

So, why do I think I'm gay?