Dear Valentine,

Your jaw dropping beauty confuses me.

When I close my eyes you're all I see.

Deep within your eyes there's this mystery that lures,

They trap me whenever I dare to come across them.

I try to be brave and strong to break this enchanting spell you have cast upon me

But to no avail because your eyes are stronger than me.

I curse and bless the day my unworthy eyes

Stared and lusted for you.

Now my heart speaks this language that is unknown to me.

On this day that lovers rejoice in,

On this day that I always revolt in,

My arms, my hands, my fingers long to touch you.

Not in vain,

But in a way that is unknown to even lovers of more than fifty years.

My heart can love you in such a way that can bring peace to nations,

My arms can hold you long after my body has pleased you,

My soul can love you more than my lips long to kiss you.

Your beauty is unrivaled by many,

The site of you means the world to me.

With a kiss, my love,

I end these words to thee.