How long will it be?

Until I am free

From this grief that suffocates me

I want to be free


I had to say and goodbye

And that was hard enough, but

I can't stop the memories

From flowing

I want to be free


The pain it washes over me

Like a wave I can't stop

I'm afraid to remember, but

The memories still come

I want to be free


I hate this grief

The questions that I have

I ask "Why?" "Why?" "Why?"

But no answers really come

I want to be free


Some days I want to forget

I want to pretend that you're still here

I don't want to face the painful truth

That you're gone forever

From this Earth

I want to be free


I face each day with determination

To make myself learn that

You aren't coming back

But many days end when I think about you

As if you're still here

I want to be free


I want to be free of this strangling grief

This pain that won't go away

These memories I can't forget

These dark days

I want to be free


I wish I could go back in time

To tell you one last time

That I love you and I don't want you to go

But what's done is done

And time has run out

I want to be free


I want to remember you with happiness

The wonderful man you were

But right now I can't even hear your name

I want to be free


When someone says your name

It sends me in a tailspin

A whirlwind of memories come in

And I regret, oh I regret

The time that was lost

I want to be free

Oh, oh I want to be free