of the dark

of soft rain on the window

the crash and flash of a storm...

forgotten in the safety of a mother's embrace

the monster in your dreams

who chased you till you fell and cried

the plunging drop into darkness

till you woke up safe and warm in bed

No fear lasted -no true misery existed

In my dreams,

you hold bloodstained knives

and I know the blood is mine.

Then blood splatters on the floor

and I fear it's yours and hers

The soft enchantment in two lover's eyes

but the eyes are yours and hers

Locked gaze...

Ecstasy on earth...

I can't wake up

the darkness surrounds me night and day

these nightmares go on throughout the day

A fleeting glimpse of a knife

the tempting silver blade

The enticing rustle of aspirin

offering sweet oblivion

The fear is eternal, relentless, can't be forgotten

Nothing but you can make it stop

But I won't beg

I'll hope and pray for soothing sleep... for as long as it takes

I'll hope and pray for eternal sleep... for you'll never be mine