Wrench Worlds

My composure - and blood red notions are now dyed in black.
You have tarnished my name.
Disparaged my good will and desecrated my self-esteem.

I stand - sullied in disgrace, in dishonor and in self-pity.
I've been defiled, and used - such as that of a household appliance.
All for the sake of elevating your name.

But this will continue no more.
The threshold of infinite fury, and putrid logic is loose.
A realm full of hostility and savage is released.

Look at me - fall victim into my gaze.
Do you see these blood-stained eyes?
You see it. You know it.

Filthy cur, I have a world for you.
A world full of bitter rage and spiteful hate.

In there, bright suns and clear moons still rise and fall.
Time (ticks and tocks of the clock) is still isochronal.

But apologies, repentance, and cries of contrition are unheard.
Slaughter, carnage, and shots of crimson are the only dwellers in there.
The only words they speak are thrusts, blows and fists.

What they will do is break you in two - and disfigure you.
They will deform and dissect every fiber of your body.

Hear me now.
I will state this once, so take heed of my warning.
Soil me any further - and these hands will wrench worlds.