She paces in the depths of my soul

Sheer power and fierce beauty rolled into one.

My hunger personified...

Black panther of the heart.

A dangerous beast

She's locked out of sight.

She growls her hunger daily

Pacing the floor of her cage.

Many a hunter has tried to claim her

Many a man fell at her claws.

She's a pure bred killer.

Take care not to hurt her.

Too many have tried to force entry

Trying to spring the door with brute force.

Too many have rushed at her

With warlike cries of lust.

She cowers in the corner

Teeth barred in defence

Against advances unwanted

Snarling her anger, her hurt...

...her need and her desire.

You are different from the start...

A new breed of adventurer.

A hunter perhaps,

But more gentle then others.

Calmly you approach the bars of her cage

Gentle encouragement,

Never rushing.

No sudden movements.

Patiently waiting,

Whispering encouragement.

The cowering beast quits growling her anger...

This one is different; she can sense it in the air.

You have her interest

Nervously she watches

Still showing the whites of her eyes

Yet curiosity has begun to flame behind her fearful eyes.

Still you wait quietly,

Softly encouraging...

No sudden movements

Just gentle encouragement.

Slowly she pads a little closer

Till she's just out of reach

A confused growl half caught in her throat.

Yet your calmness speaks to her,

Drawing her closer like a moth to a flame.

Drawn by curiosity

She's fighting every sinew in her body

As she draws yet closer to you.

Her muscles tensed by flight or fight instinct.

You offer her your hand

She skits off a little way,

But Soothing words of reassurance

Encourage her back

As she approaches the bars.

She sniffs at your hand,

Casing you out.

You're not like the others...

Smoothly she bows her head and licks at your hand.

Pressing her self against the bars,

Seeking your caress.

A purr replacing yesterdays growl.