Chapter 6 – Yin and Yang

Turns out the food isn't half bad, once you get past the tentacles and the gagging. And I suppose there's the fact that mine wasn't quite dead. It decided to start a rebellion. It involved all the still alive food in the kitchen and took it over for half an hour. When peace talks we're tried they threw the chiefs head out of the serving hatch. Not liking that the surrounding guards had thrown plasma grenades into the hatch and burst in guns blazing. 10 minuets later we had well-done meat back on our plates.

That briefing they gave was quite boring really, and I could tell 'freak show' liked the general. I think it was the drawling and flailing of limbs that gave it away really… basically they just outlined what I was suppose to do, where each of the generals are and that I would be meeting the rest of my 'team' later.

I personally think we should think of a cool name for ourselves. Any ideas...? Of course not, you're just a bunch of hippies. Ill think of one later I suppose…

"We're under attack, we're under attack. Enemy ships approaching" oh what fun, bad guys… you know that computer voice sounds like its mocking me sometimes, I mean it just says everything in a drawl and when its urgent hesitates on every word.

"Re-arm the gauss cannons! And launch the fleet. Raise the shields on the ship and prepare for boarding!" you know freak show can really shout when needed… its quite a scary sight seeing that…thing… brandishing 7 laser guns.

"What about me? Don't I get any guns?" she threw a little laser to me and ran off. So now I'm in the middle of a ship that's being boarded, with a dinky laser that I have no idea how to use and…and… I think I just pissed myself… Erm I mean I, very manly, strutted down the corridor to look for either a bigger gun or instructions on how to use this one… yea that's it…

"You! Freeze!" shouted a voice behind me.

"Holy shit! That's a bloody big gun your got there mate"

"I said freeze!" he raised the gun at me, which was quite large actually…

"Look I'm sure we can just talk about this like civilised men" he lowered the gun slightly.

"I'm listening"

"Well…um… those are nice shoes you're wearing?" he bent down to look at them.

"Hey… I'm wearing boots…" by the time he figured that out I had ran away through another corridor. Wile searching for somewhere to hide, Erm make my last stand… I found a strange door painted half in black and half in white, I wondered what the hell it was about so stood in front of it to have a better look and it opened.

It was completely dark inside so I thought it would be the best place to be, since it's hard to see things in the dark. As I stepped into the room a light came on in the far corner. I gasped at what I saw there.

There was a girl, only about mid 20's, stood in a half open tube, she had her arms cross over her chest and her eyes closed. She was about 5'8 and had shoulder length blond hair, not just normal blonde, but a really light blond. It was bordering white.

She wore a white tank top and white combat trousers. She seemed quite muscular and looked like she could take down a guy twice her size.

Poking out from the tops of both her shoulders were what looked like hilts to two swords, the hilts seemed too made of ivory or bone…

She was quite pretty once you got around the initial shock of seeing her. I took a step towards her and her eyes flashed open, revealing two pearls of glistening blue.

I stopped dead in my tracks and she just stared at me. (Quite arousing really…)

"I…you…ship…" ok, perhaps she was a bit more than just 'pretty'…

She suddenly jumped from her tube and landed on the floor just in front of me. As she stood she drew both the swords, it was then I could see that the blades were white as well.

"You are not welcome here" her voice was a dry whisper and a cheery breeze at the same time, and it seemed to be everywhere at once.

"Your ship… it's being attacked… I was just trying to…" (As you can see I'm getting some of my speech back…) I stopped and was drawn to her eyes, when she saw this she growled and dived at me with both the swords.

She stopped short and did some kind of weird backflipy spinney thing over me, caught me by surprise and held both her swords under my neck in a cross.

She whispered in my ear "If you ever even think about wondering what I look like without any clothes on again, I will chop…" she took one sword from my neck and put it up between my legs. "…it off. Are we clear?" I nodded my head slowly hoping she didn't decide to do it for the fun of it, she seemed like the kind of person who would.

"Good" she pulled both swords away and pulled me around to face her. "So who are you?" she held both swords at the ready, ready to chop 'it' off if she didn't like me most probably.

"I'm…Sheldon. But everyone calls me Dead Eye" this is where I stumble around like a school boy.

"Dead Eye… the legendary sniper from the 21st century? Interesting… so they brought you back… well…" she sheathed both swords and held out her hand. "I'm Georgina, the scientists call me Yin, but you can call me George." I took her hand and shook it.

"Nice to meet you, I really think you should address the matter of your ship being attacked… and I doubt you'll get far with those swords of yours" she let go of my hand and turned away from me to face the door.

"We'll see about that" she drew both swords, looked behind at me, growled and dived out of the door carving up one of the guys boarding the ship as she did.

I stepped towards the door. "I wonder if she's like this around all the men…" there was suddenly a grinding sound and then ripping sound below me, I looked down and saw the edge of a sword between my legs.

"Erm…you have a large rack?" the sword moved up. "Curvy body!?" (I'm panicking now) it moved even closer and bit into flesh. "Beautiful eyes!!" the sword stopped moving and pulled from the wall. George poked her head around the door.

"You're starting to get this hang of this, follow me and try not to get in the way" she flashed me a brilliant smile and then her head was gone. A few seconds later I heard a scream from the corridor.

"Are you coming or not?" she shouted back up the corridor. She's one of those girls who are really…what's the word…possessive? No…annoying? No… well she's pretty, confident and not afraid to assert herself in peoples faces. Call it what you will. I think I'll just call it George. I ran out of the door into the corridor and saw that guy id got away from before lead face down on the floor and a huge pool of blood spreading from between his legs. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what happened really…

I turned to the left and saw her, swords drawn, facing three of the borders. They all had mean looking guns and I didn't really rate her chances.

She had an unusual way of wielding the swords; she held her right hand out and across her chest with the blade held underhand and the left hand across the right with the blade also underhand.

The three guys chuckled to themselves about the women with two swords in front of them and opened fire with lasers. The effect was quite dazzling actually, it seemed she knew they were going to shoot before they did and she was suddenly moving the blades in a blur in front of her. Each and every laser collided with one of the swords with a CLANK and ricocheted off into one of the walls.

Suddenly one of the guys dropped to the floor with a laser burn in his groin (this girl has issues, I swear). The other two stopped shooting for a second, looked at the fallen man and ran for there life's.

"Men… "She sheathed one of the swords, flipped the other to an overhand position and threw it at the two retreating men. The sword flew in an arch and sliced right threw the torso of one of the guys and the head of the other. Both men fell to the floor with blood flowing from where they used to be attached to themselves, the sword arched around the corner of the corridor and was gone.

"well… that was quite… spectacular, but what are you going to do about that sword?" as I stepped towards her, she threw me into the wall and jumped into the air with a spin catching her sword that had come flying down the corridor to my side.

"Well I was planning on catching it and putting it back in the sheath, that was until you decided you would rather like it embedded in your skull, you should be more careful Sheldon." She smiled again and started down one of the corridors. "Try to keep up Shelly" she smirked at her own joke and jogged down the corridor.

"Don't call me Shelly!" you have no idea how many people used to call me that… it gets so damn annoying. Id like to find all the people who called me that and kick them in the teeth, I mean that in the nicest way possible of course. I chased her up the corridor and wondered where she was heading. My question was soon answered when I heard gun fire ahead.

"I thought so… they breached the hanger bay and landed there, that's where they've been launching the attack from. Sounds like some of our guys are fighting in there, come on Shelly, lets go show um what we can do."

She hit a button on the wall and the door slid open to reveal a platform immediately in front of me and a huge hanger bay below, the main door was blasted open and there was some kind of shield that looked like it was keeping everything inside.

There were 3 large ships fanned out from the hole in the wall and guys were running out of them firing at the opposite end of the hanger where (our guys I presume) were holed up behind a load of containers and firing back.

"Ill draw there attention, you find a gun and give me some cover" with that she drew both swords, stood on the edge of the platform holding them out to the side and fell.

Great, I'm stuck with a crazy suicidal women who likes to cut guys groins out… oh what luck I'm having today…

I looked over the edge of the platform and saw George about 10 meters below, she was slowly walking towards the three ships and pretty much everybody over there were trying to shoot her. As she moved forwards she moved the swords with such speed it was all a blur. There was just a constant sound of CLANG and the screams of guys dropping dead with laser burns on there groins.

I slid down the ladder (why couldn't she have just done that?) and looked for a weapon. Luckily for me it seemed I was where the weapon cache was, there were boxes lying around, most of them open, and guns strewn all over the place. I looked for a gun that resembled a sniper rifle and something that looked like I could use.

I saw a box marked "Antiques" well, I suppose you never know… I opened the box; it was full of M16 Assault rifles, what luck eh? I grabbed one, check the magazine, picked up a couple more and ran out to a sturdy looking container.

George was still making her way towards the group of soldiers, blocking everything they were throwing at her, when I saw a group of the soldiers bring out a huge gun; it looked like one of those sci-fi kinda Gatling guns. I didn't really think she could block that on top of all those lasers so I took aim at them and fired 4 shots.

Two of there heads exploded, one dropped to the floor with the remains of his heart hanging out of his back and the last stopped, looked down and died of shock at the blood pouring from between his legs.

Some of the guys started to fire in my position and forced me behind cover, I noticed that some of the guys were continuing to set up that big gun.

There were lasers flying everywhere and I couldn't get up from my cover to take down the guys with the huge gun. I looked helplessly towards where George was still advancing and then with a loud growling the gun started to fire, at first it seemed she may be alright, but suddenly she reeled back with a black mark on her top, the mark started to fade, but the falter caused more bullets to pass and more and more marks were appearing, mixed with blood. She tried one final time to step forwards and one of the black marks covered her heart.

She fell to her knees and the gun stopped firing, the black marks covered most of her cloths and blood was splattered across her arms and face. She fell flat on the floor and the soldiers with the Gatling gun let up a roar and started to shoot towards our guys again.

"No! George!" I stood from my cover and started to fire into the group of soldiers with a rage a never knew I possessed. It was like everything was in slow motion. I used the rest of my clip and crouched back down behind my container.

I glanced over to her body and noticed that the black marks were moving, they sped over all her cloths and turned them black, her hair went from near white to deep black and the blood stopped flowing. The sword turned charred black and she got up off the floor, wiped her hand on her head and picked up the two black swords.

Her hair was flowing out behind her in a nonexistent breeze and there were small tendrils of darkness all over her clothes. She opened her eyes, deep green emeralds, and her hair started to blow out behind her in a gale, she sheathed one of the swords, held the other one in both hands and charged at the startled soldiers.

"You are not welcome!" she moved at a super human speed, dodging the shots taken at her and blocking when she felt like it. She flipped over the first guy, cutting his head and upper body in half. She landed on the floor in the middle of the entire group, sheathed her sword and just stood there. All the men looked at her uneasily, then at each other wondering what to do.

She suddenly jumped high into the air and flipped, then cam crashing down fists outstretched into the ground. A huge shockwave rippled out from her and vaporised the ships, the men and most of the hanger. Only the shield kept everything from being pulled out into space.

She stood from the floor, flashed me a look with her green eyes, then faltered and fell back onto the ground. As you can imagine I'm pretty freaked out at the moment, I mean, what the hell just happened? Is she some kind of super hero or what? Yin-women… well ok maybe not, but you never know… she could be…

I ran over to George and saw that she was wearing white again and had blonde hair, I knelt down next to her and she opened her eyes.

"What the hell was that?" well I could have asked her how she was, but… well… I'm a guy, so hey.

"That… was Annabella… although she prefers to be called... Yang" she closed her eyes and seemed to go to sleep. I held her in my arms and looked up to see freak show and her friends rushing over to us. Boy was this going to take a lot of explaining…