No Regrets

I ducked under the flashing blade, quickly thrusting the two swords I held in my hands forward, piercing armor and flesh as my enemy took his last breath. I jumped back, spinning around with my swords extended so that anyone within 6 feet of me would be quickly annihilated. The few soldiers who had broken away from the battle to challenge me now regretted the decision... Right?

I quickly shook this thought from my head and turned to race up a large rock formation, dark hair whipping about my armor-clad shoulders. As I stopped to overlook this battlefield of a world, a look of sorrow flitted across my pale face for only the slightest of moments, before my emotionless façade returned. My name? It matters not, for chances are, I probably won't live to see my sixteenth birthday, two months from now. Few ever did. I glanced down at myself – once blue armor was now soaked with blood.

I wondered. In the few seconds I need not defend myself, I always wondered. Does whoever started this pathetic war now regret that, because of them, not even this planet can survive the massive battles any longer? Do they regret that children as young as 12 are being forced to fight? Do they regret anything at all?

I do.

I regret ever having been born into this world; this war. I regret having been born into this time. I regret having to fight, to kill. In all reality, I regret ever living. However; there was nothing I could do. With this thought, I unleashed a fierce cry and leapt back into the battle, slashing and hacking with my swords. I paused for only a moment to ponder my earlier thoughts, but it was enough.

A shocked cry flew from my lips as a poison-tipped arrow pierced my unprotected back. I fell to my knees, my face blank. Slowly, a sly smile spread across my face.


Now I would no longer have to fight.

No more killing.

No more war.

With this thought, my twin swords fell to the ground with a clang, and then I followed them. I could feel pain no longer, all I knew was that there was no more fighting.

And now, I, Yzolei, on this March 14th, 3018, leave this Earth with no regrets.


Hehe, this was written for a writing project. I tried to type up everything I could remember, but I'm not sure I got everything It's sooooo short now. It was much longer. xDD x.x Hehehe... Oh well. xDD Anyways, the writing prompt was: Write an imaginative story with the title 'No Regrets'.

xDD I think I took imaginative to the next level, cause everyone else was just making up stories about their lives. o.o I wrote about the war that will happen in the future and my main character dies. WOW. xDD

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