Never in all my life have I been so lonely. It's a dark, empty feeling that you can't get rid of no matter how hard you try. It's like dying everyday. It feels like something eating away at your soul, slowly, painfully, taking its time. Trying to make you suffer as much as possible. Making you feel every terrible blow.
It's a feeling that's always with you. You can't kill it; trying only makes it that much worse. It feeds on all your good emotions, destroying them all one by one. You feel that if you kill your emotions, maybe it won't be able to hurt you. Maybe it will go away.
But it doesn't. It never does. It leaves you a broken, empty shell of a person, with no emotions and a black soul. It will leave you disconnected from the world. Because then no one can help you.

No one except for the person who left you alone...