The rumbas of Anubis

Chapter1: Disputes between a mother and a daughter

"No one believes me when I tell them about this feeling that I get. It's like some thing is following me. I can sense that this thing I sense gets in front of me than behind me sometimes. I have tried to tell myself that I'm just imagining it or that I'm just being paranoid. But could it be normal to get this tremendous headache, and then see this blur of where I sense this thing to be. It's like I can almost see it but... before I can get a good look, it goes away (headache and all). The strangest thing is that the only place I get this feeling is at home."

Lauren wedged her car keys into ignition. She set her hand on the gear and placed it in reverse. A dark short haired woman stood in the drive way. The woman had her hands out gesturing Lauren to stop

"Get out of my way or I'll run you over!" Lauren commanded

"Listen to me Lauren. You're my daughter and I'm leaving to go to my job for your own good." She still stood in the drive way

Lauren brought her foot heavily on the gas petal and with great velocity came towards her mother. Before the car could ram her so hard into the air that once landing she would break her back, Lauren's mother jumped out of the way. As Lauren drove by her mother she gave her the finger.

"Go to your Fucken Archaeologist job in Egypt. It's not like it wouldn't make much of a difference anyway." Lauren yelled

Once Lauren arrived on school grounds her mood changed completely. Seeing her classmates greeting her so kindly made her relax more. She was still angry but she was going to let it all out productively. Lauren headed towards the bathroom. She pretended to be fixing her make up when she was just waiting for her the late bell to ring. When the bell had reached it's end Lauren made her way towards her locker, grabbing all the things she would need for the rest of the day then throwing them carelessly into her name brand gym bag.

Earlier that morning….

Lauren made her way to the dinning room expecting to see her maid Pashera. She was once your nanny than became the maid because the two became so attached. To Lauren surprise her mother was in the dinning room placing the last pancake on her own plate. Lauren tried to make a quick escape before her mother noticed her at the door way. She knew that whenever Sadie Stellestan decided to cook, which was like every blue moon, there was always something big she had to announce. Lauren continuously thought that her mother's news was going to forever be horrific. Lauren had no luck in escape instead she was caught at the last moment. Sadie happily greeted Lauren while her daughter only grumbled a sad excuse for a greeting. Lauren sat at the dinning room table picking at her pancakes waiting for the big news. She knew that her mother had a habit of babbling on before she got to the point...

'Maybe that's why dad left her.' Lauren smiled at her inside joke. Her mother went on about how she gave Pashera a day off and so on blah blah. Lauren grew tried of her mother's babbling. There wasn't a time that she didn't tire of her mother's trait. Lauren decided to make her mother cut straight to the chase. Lauren after all didn't have all day.

Lauren rolled her eyes allowing a bored sigh escape her lips, "What is it this time," After Lauren hostile like words were now in the air she thought of them to attack her mother too harshly like she shouldn't have said that. She mentally shrugged, it was too late to apologize and she just didn't feel like it either. It was now Sadie's turn to sigh; this was not something she felt that she wanted to tell Lauren.

"Before you get upset, I want you to listen to me first."

Sadie knew that it was now pointless to tell Lauren such a thing. It was as though she asked time to freeze at her command. Her words might have been pointless to tell Lauren, but for Sadie it was some what a comforter. The words were something that made her feel better in an odd way. Now that Sadie got those words out, she felt as though a ton of feathers were lifted off her body. Sadie sighed slowly just a way to stall. She had a boulder left to lift off her body.

"I'm going to Egypt-"


Lauren interjected with protest as she bolted up from her chair. Now that Lauren knew what this big news was. Her prediction was proven right. Every time her mother cooked food she always had something bad to say. Lauren took her seat again placing her head down as though she were preparing herself for the answer.

"How long?" She whispered with a little crackle in her voice

"Give or take a few weeks."

Sadie felt like a mouse in the presence of a loin. It felt awkward that she had switched characters with her daughter. She was now the child and Lauren was the parent. Tensely event caused her to want to recoil, while her daughter seemed to become a roaring fire.

"How long!"

Lauren repeated her question more commanding and slower as though her mother didn't understand what she had said before. Her crackle was gone for a few seconds than returned once the end of her question reached an end. Lauren didn't want to cry she didn't want to get upset but the memories stung,

"A month or two," Sadie confessed

Moments passed before Lauren spoke again, "When do you leave?" She gripped lowly. She persisted to be tough in this situation.

Sadie couldn't look into those sadly disappointed earthy sliver-green eyes yet again. Those eyes seemed to yearn to burn whole into her heart. This was one of the reasons why Sadie hated confrontations like this; it made her feel like the villain. She was being hated for filling her responsibility of being a parent to inform Lauren about what was happening. Her Job was what helped gain custody of Lauren, but it wasn't as nearly as important as Lauren. It was what kept Sadie from losing her only daughter to her ex husband.

"I need to go for the money. You are very important to me," Sadie's voice started out strong but it was commencing in becoming vulnerably weak. The things that she feared began to flash in her mind which was responsible for the change of tone in her voice.

"If I loose you, there wouldn't be a reason for me to live anymore." Her voice came out as a crackling whisper of sorrow.

Lauren silently got out of her seat. She didn't answer her mother until she reached the dinning room door way and faced her, "What about the child support Da-"Lauren turned her back to her mother to hide the tears coming on, "What about the child support David sends? "

Her mother didn't have the heart to tell her daughter that it wasn't nearly enough to pay any bill. "Huh?" Lauren firmly asked, "You were supposed to be off duty remember, you promised." Lauren spent no time in leaving before she allowed any tears to fall.

"Well excuse me!" Her mother snapped. This made Lauren stop in tracks; she had never heard her mother scold her before.

"I'm only trying to raise you, while having you live in a nice house, with a good school to go to AND a nice neighborhood to live in." Lauren stood there stunned

"I should have had that abortion when I had the chance." Sadie finished. That was the last straw, which was what lead Lauren to almost run over her mother.

Previously this morning…..

The gym instructor was tending his clip board when Lauren walked in. He was one of the youngest and hard working teacher at Culver Academy. When he noticed the dark haired teenager stomping his way, was the only time when his eyes focused on her.

"Alright Stevens what seems to be the problem this morning?" He spoke in a monotone it was the opposite of his loud and commanding voice during gym. His voice still echoed threw out the empty gym.

Lauren yelled loudly, allowing some of her aggravation out before she answered him. She threw her gym bag brutally aside, "She's a totally bitch." She roared

He kindly placed a hand on her shoulder. "Well go change into your gym clothes then we'll talk." He always knew that Lauren needed a good work out to blow out all her steam. He was like the father Lauren never had.

Lauren started running on the treadmill while Mr. Conroy took the one next to her. She was only running slowly at first without saying anything. She never started unless given a little hint to do so, but it was difficult for her to stop once starting. Mr. Conroy automatically knew who Lauren referred to as bitch. He use to date aka bitch two years ago and already knows about what Lauren is going through. About three months ago before Mr. Conroy dated Sadie Stellestan, Lauren had came to him out of trust and because she refused to go to the school counselor. She would always skip her first block period when she had to talk to him, but that all changed when he started dating her mother. Only after he broke up with her mom was when she slowly returned to the normal routine. She considered him to be the enemy and then later on he was on probation with her trust, but now she fully trusted him again. Lauren knew that Mr. Conroy wouldn't tell the counselor, or her mom or anyone for that matter. These kinds of talks started and ended in the gym.

"So, how long?" Mr. Conroy asked

Lauren rolled her eyes and flared her nose, "Two to three months." she knitted her eyebrows as she stared at the gymnasium wall

It was quiet except for the treadmill's low rhythmic hum. Mr. Conroy was just about to say something until he noticed she was no where near finished.

Lauren through her arms, "Can you believe it; mother dearest is going to leave for two or three whole months to some archeologist trip?" Lauren exclaimed

She pressed a button to speed up the treadmill then brought her arms to her side pulling the m back and forth as she ran.

Lauren tightened her jaw, "You know what ticks me off?" She began

Mr. Conroy knew better than to speak. Whenever Lauren was angry she doesn't stop until she's done. The best thing he could do was nod his head to show he's listening.

"The fact that every time she comes to tell me, she makes this big breakfast and tries to be my friend," Her voice began to crack

"She's just so fake!" she screeched, She looked at Mr. Conroy, "Why does she do that?"

Mr. Conroy carefully waited. When she didn't speak he finally answered to answer her, "It sounds like she's just scared to be the parent in the parent in that kind of situation. It even sounds like she's even just as sad and hurt as you are. You don't really put into consideration that when she hurts you it hurts her too."

Lauren only began running faster on the treadmill. She kept running for a long time almost the whole entire period, before she slowly came to a halt. She was still angry but she understood her mother a little better. She took a quick lap in the pool before going to her second block period. Lauren changed into her spare clothes in her gym locker and walked to her closest friend's locker. A shorter girl waved happily at Lauren. She only waved back carelessly. Lauren came to the girl's locker her friend stayed her distance. Lauren didn't look angry, only tired, but her friend knew better than to make the wrong move. Her friend was equipped with a powerful shield, her books. The girl has always been attached to her books. Ever since she nearly walked smack dab into a locker once, but was rescued by her books, she practically worships her books like god almighty. If Lauren weren't so angry she would've teased her friend about it. The two friends didn't say anything to each other. Each waiting for one to speak up first. Lauren's friend was waiting for that and the right time to disengage her shield. When she felt the time was right or when she actually believed the time was right she brought her books to her side.

"So what in the world bit you on the butt, tied your under wear in double knots, tied you to a sixteen wheel truck and along the high way like a flag." She asked breathlessly.

She always talked too much without taking a deep breath before talking. Lauren would've found that funny as well but she was still angry. Lauren only raised her left eye brow and sighed in annoyance.

"Not right now Aphrodite Gertrude Alphadoixe" Lauren replied

Aphrodite smiled happily, "Hokie poky artichokie," she began walk to class

"Don't you mean Okie dokie artichokie?" Lauren corrected as she walked beside her friend

She frowned, "That's what I said,"

Lauren shook her head. That was Aphrodite for you, a silly girl. The two walked into their second block period. Along the way Lauren waved to her friends while Aphrodite just awkwardly watched. No many people liked her because of her odd name, but things are better for her now that she had befriended Lauren one of the most popular girls in school. Lauren never really knew how much Aphrodite appreciated her friendship, until she was the one of the few people that was there for her when her parents spilt up. There never was a day that Aphrodite didn't wear a smile on her face, her personality was bubbly and slightly crazy but her name is what worn people off. Lauren sat in the middle of the classroom and her friend sat beside her.

"So what's the haps L.S?"

Lauren sighed, "Six words, mother gone for possible three months."

Aphrodite counted her fingers for a while, "Wait for it," She thought about it, "Almost there," She thought about it some more, "That's hot! When can I come over?"

Lauren shrugged, "Doesn't matter,"

"You know what I'm thinking? I hope you know what I'm thinking because it's tight. Guess what I'm thinking. I'm thinking two words" Aphrodite said quickly

"Lemme guess motor mouth, something with party in it," Lauren answered

"Uh huh, um hum, you got it. Bingo you got it. What would you say if we have a slumber party?"

Lauren did her signature gesture, her five star shrug, "We are a little to old for that don't you think?" Aphrodite looked disappointed, "But then again I do need some cheering up any who,"

((Author's notes: This story is rated M for language. My apologizes to anyone who's named Sadie I'm not classifying all Sadies to be this way but only this one in my story. There are quotes at the beginning of some chapters that are like previews of what will happen further in the story. There's a special name for this writing technique, but I can't remember what it's called at the moment. Enjoy... Oh and review please NO ASKIN TO READ YOUR STORIES, I'LL READ YOUR STORIES IF AND WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT.))