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Colorful World: Prequel

Some people are color-blind, but they can still see color. Me? I'm not color-blind in that sense. No, I simply in black and white. No one knew I couldn't see color until I was ten. Oh, sure, they asked me to name colors in kindergarten. I memorized the shades of gray that they were. Needless to say, I passed. Anyway, when I was ten years old my parents were getting concerned. Sure, sometimes I had trouble with identifying colors, but I'd manage. I thought everyone saw this way.

My parents thought I was going blind. So, off to the doctor we went. He checked my eyes, and he "found" the problem. Then the problem was how to fix it. I had a "shield" over my eyes that was somehow keeping me from seeing properly. He had no idea what is was, what it was made of, or where it came from. It was a new thing in the scientific world. Hell, they didn't even know if it was a shield. They just knew it was there. Then that doctor asked me if I had trouble seeing. My response was a simple no. He didn't really understand and he spoke with my parents for a long time before I piped up again.

So is something wrong with me?
Oh, no sweetie. There is nothing wrong with you.
Then why are you whispering so low.
Well, if you don't have trouble seeing all the time, I think it could be a mental dysfunction.

A mental dysfunction. As in, whatever it was had been created by my brain, and whenever my brain thought I shouldn't see something it made it so. I had never experienced a time of not seeing anything except when I was sleeping. He said my brain might think that certain colors are aggressive and block them from my vision...Well, I certainly didn't understand that but I knew I didn't have a mental dysfunction. So looking into the eyes of my concerned father and the tear-stained face of my mother I told them.

I can see colors fine.
What colors can you see sweetie?
The normal ones. Red, blue, green.
...But you couldn't tell me what color the sky was. What color is the sky baby?
I don't know. It's hard to tell.
Why is it hard to tell baby? Tell Mommy.
Because it's hard to recognize that shade of grey.

That was the beginning.

After that we went to many doctors. No one wanted to fix it, they were afraid they might damage my eyes. Mainly they wanted to run tests on me. And so for the next six years of my life I was pinched, prodded, and poke in all sorts of directions. I've taken more drugs and spent more nights at the hospital than all my friends, and I once was arrested by cops because they thought I did drugs when they saw the scarring on my arm. However, charges were dropped. Oh, and since they wouldn't fix what was wrong, they taught me to recognize colors. I have dark brown hair and blue eyes. I'm also rather pale. My mother has blonde hair, blue eyes, ands he is tan. And before my father died, he had brown hair and brown eyes. He was just as pale as me.

Besides all that I've lead a normal life. I'm sixteen years old, I have a car, and I have friends. I don't have a boyfriend, but then again my friends don't either. We think we don't have time, and we usually don't. We're only so close because like me they see in shades of grey. I don't have any other friends. Oh, and good news has come. A doctor has figured out how to remove whatever is covering our eyes.

Only there's one problem. If I see color, I'll destroy the earth.