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Chapter 2: Hide and Seek

"Coye, darling, come on. It's time to go to the doctor, get up sweetie."

Rolling over, the girl groggily sat up, rubbing her eyes. The girl who has formerly been named Coye opened her eyes and nodded to whatever her mother had just said, throwing the covers off and climbing out of bed. Hearing the door shut, she wandered over to her dresser, peering at her reflection in the mirror. Her somewhat curly brown hair was a mess. With a long yawn she grabbed a brush and attacked her hair, finding the first hair tie she could and pulling it back into a pony-tail. No reason for anything fancy when all you had to do was get a needle in your arm, at least, that's what she thought. Not to mention the only people of the male species she would see today would be Dr. Adams, the old kook. He was the only one she trusted anymore. The only one any of them trusted.

Stumbling about her room, Coye managed to find a sweater and a pair of jeans, pulling them on as she hopped about on one foot, running into the wall in the process. Cursing, she rubbed her head and finished her belt, grabbing her purse and slipping on her shoes as she left her room. Glancing around she noticed her little brother had yet to get up. Smirking she grabbed the water gun from the floor, pumping it up. Kicking open his bedroom door she grinned when she saw his shady figure sit up quickly in bed.

"GOOD MORNING!" She shouted, squirting him with it as he screamed. Typical little brother. Seeing him escape from the bed she dropped the water gun, a mistake if there ever was one, and ran to the stairs, sliding down the banister and laughing the entire time. Hearing her brother behind her she ducked behind the couch, waving to her mom who was standing in front of her, raising an eyebrow before she noticed.

"Stop teasing your sister. Why are you all wet? Here are your keys Coye. Go, you'll be late!" Her mother exclaimed, dropping the keys onto her lap. Picking them up, Coye darted out the front door, climbing into the car and locking the doors behind her. Ah, her favorite part. Driving back was even more fun, considering the amount of blood she would be losing today. Oh, the joys of being color blind. At least in the sense of never having seen any sort of color in your life. It made driving difficult at first. But she'd memorized what light was what and she could tell somewhat when they changed. Mainly she just watched the other cars on the road. Actually, she hated driving. But luckily the hospital wasn't that far away.

Pulling into the parking lot, Coye turned off the car and called her mom, leaving a message saying that she'd arrived safely. Not that her mother needed to know, her mother never thought she was safe. She wouldn't until she could see color. And Coye really wasn't sure if she could risk it. Shaking her head, she walked inside, feeling the rush of cold air on her face and was quite thankful she'd worn a sweater, even if it was ninety degrees outside.

"Ah, Miss Kovarik. Dr. Adams will be with you in a moment, but today you will all be in C-1007. Shall I show you the way?"
"Oh no, thank you." Coye said, nodding and turning towards the elevator. Sector C, room seven. Oh joy. That meant they would be doing more x-rays today. She hated x-rays.

Pushing the button for the elevator, Coye heard the familiar ding and almost jumped a foot when the doors opened. No, it couldn't be.

"Hello Coye. Do step inside, we have a lot to talk about."
"Oh...alright," Coye said, timidly stepping inside. Looking back, she watched as the doors closed. And then with a deep breath she turned to face Haemon. "And to what to I owe this meeting?"

"No, tests. X-rays, blood tests. The usual."
"Your brother received it."
"He had no choice Haemon, you know that quite well."
"Ah yes, I do. But Jackie will be next if you are not careful. Think wisely, for you can't face us."

And with that he was gone. Cursing, Coye punched the wall. It was all so confusing. He'd show up randomly, and for a moment she'd know what she was saying. But now it made no sense. It was always the same, she'd say what she was doing and he'd warn her about Jackie. Poor Jackie. She was to be in control of Neptune. Goodness only knows how long it would be before it was no longer a planet if things went as Haemon was saying.

The last time they'd talked he'd informed her that Jackie's parents were eager to go ahead with the surgery. Jackie kept refusing, but the time would come when they'd invoke their rights as her parents, even if they weren't related by blood. Jackie could ask for a blood test to prove they weren't blood related to keep from getting the surgery, but because of her age it would be unlikely. She was sixteen, yes, but in this state you had to be eighteen for the right to a blood test. Oh, how they all loved little Jackie though...

Sighing as the doors opened, she rubbed her neck and walked down the hall in the sector C. Turning into room seven she saw six other faces, all of them concerned. Sitting down wearily, Coye sighed. They all had been discussing it for a while. Haemon spoke to all of them besides Jackie now. Before it had been all of them besides Stephen. And now that he was dead...They would have to take action soon. This had been going on for months, and now all of them had parents pressuring them to get the operation, just to get it over with. Stephen's parents were devastated, and his body would have been donated to science if it hadn't burnt up after he died. No fire, it just combusted. Haemon's doing, nonetheless. Not that they could tell them that, no one would believe them. Well, except Dr. Adams. Where was he anyway, he was usually here to greet them.

"They fired him Coye. They fired Dr. Adams."
"Wait, what?!"
"Coye, we have to do something. Jackie they...Coye they..."

Standing, Coye looked about the room. Jackie, she wasn't there. Looking to Melody, the one who was ten minutes younger than her, Amelia being five, Michelle being fifteen, Shelby being younger by twenty minutes, and Isabel by twenty-five minutes. Jackie was younger than her by half an hour. And now, where was she?

"They're going to do it Coye, we have to do something."

Sinking back into the chair, Coye looked around. They weren't testing, they were performing. On all of them, and no one wanted to say it. They'd been threatening to do it, but Dr. Adams wouldn't let them. And now...he was gone...and...

"We have to go, now."
"But Coye-"
"Amelia! Don't you understand? They have Jackie. We have to get her if we can, and then we have to get out of here. They're doing what they said they would do, that's why our parents didn't come today!"
"But Coye...the door. It's locked."

Turning around, Coye marched to the door, jiggling the handle. It was locked. "Damn," she muttered, leaning her head against it. Wait...what was that? Oh...oh no. Footsteps, oh good god no.

"Quick, hide somewhere!"
"Isabel! Just hide, they're coming..."

Following the rest of the girls into the bathroom, Coye shut the door behind her and locked it. For the longest time they'd just been saying they'd get the parents permission and perform the operation, after all, they'd thought after Stephen they'd perfected it. Mostly they wanted to get money because there was another company working on the same thing. The other company was bogus, it was a hoax. But they couldn't explain that to the doctors here, they wouldn't understand. Not that Coye understood the hoax, but she'd had a hunch that Haemon had something to do with it. He didn't like them, but he did like killing them. After all, every time one of them died they received and extra year of life. And right now...they had one year left.

It was foretold that when the children of Haemon and Hypatia reached sixteen the lives of the two gods would be over. That is, once the eldest child summoned the her inmost power and killed them. But if one of the children was to die, they'd receive a year of life and be able to use their powers again. So, now Haemon and Hypatia had their immortal powers back for another year. And now the doctors were going through with it.

Her mother...her sweet mother. She'd looked sad this morning, and now Coye understood why. Sighing, she leaned against the door.

"Hide and seek, eh girls? Well...come out come out wherever you are!"