Raina loves her imaginary bf Rick, chicken and peanut butter sandwiches and her Chucks. But when she meets the real Rick, her chicken and peanut butter sandwiches almost kill her and her Chucks burn is there life after that?

I sat on the blanket and pulled out my lunch. Every Saturday I'd wait on the bus bench and eat my favorite sandwich. I ate lunch with my boyfriend Ricky.

I really didn't know his name but he looked like a Ricky.

Well he wasn't real per say, I mean he was but he was a billboard advertisement.

No I'm not crazy at all.

Ricky loved me I imagined him liking chubby freckly face white girls with too much junk in the trunk.

Yes, white girl did have booty just no breast.

My friend Jeanelle on the other hand looked like she had two melons stuffed in her shirt. But her being half black and half Puerto Rican you'd think she have some junk in the trunk too right? But she didn't her butt looked like a wall.

She complained all the time because she couldn't where thongs. Recently she's been trying to make her bum look bigger.

' It these lounges don't work I'm getting implants.'

I giggled as I told Ricky in my head about our future god-mother to our children.

I ripped a piece of my sandwich and stuffed it in my mouth imagining Rick feeding me.

I gazed at the billboard on the corner of 172nd Ave. and Rose Blvd.

He had no pants but boxers on and no shirt. He had pointy nipples.

Mmmm nipples.

I was drooling and ended up having my shirt all wet and a homeless guy looking at me weird.

I ignored him, wiped off my drool and continue to gaze at my Latin lover.

I realized Rick had a last name.


Riccardo Alvarez.

I sighed and thought of me as Raina Alvarez instead of plain ol' Raina Johnston. I was worried I was never going to figure out Rick's last name and that my hot man meat wouldn't get to see his son pass his last name on. Now Roscoe had a last name. He and his sister Gina and Christina.

I sighed smiling to myself and another homeless guy looked at me weird and went off collecting more cans.

I imagine for the rest of the afternoon Rick feeding me my chicken and peanut butter sandwich, grapes and my tomato soup.

What do you think? It's only a little introduction and I'll try writing the story for real.