I sit with my dad in Dairy Queen, at a table next to the window. Our table. A table I haven't sat at in nearly fifteen years, but still- our table.

"Do you want me to order, dad?"

"Sure. You know what I usually get."

I smile and nod, then head over to the counter. When I get there, my smile fades and I'm standing there, staring. In front of me, at the cash register, is the most beautiful person I have ever seen, on this earth.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not one of those girls who gushes over men and reads those stupid girl magazines and becomes obsessed with handsome guys that I've never met in my life. The fact that this one happens to turn me into jello is just a mere twist of fate.

"Are you ready to order?" I realize that he's asking me something, and then immediately after that I realize that I'm standing like an idiot gaping at the cashier.

"Oh! Order…right. Um, a hot fudge sundae and a chocolate dipped cone."

He smiles and rings me up, then presses a button to open the register drawer.

"4.75, please."

I hurriedly hand him a five dollar bill and smile clumsily at him as he hands me my change. God I am so awkward.

When my order is up, he brings it to the counter.

"So…" I start talking, for no apparent reason, "Do you…like working at Dairy Queen?"

He looks at me weirdly, and I realize how stupid I sound.

"I mean, it must be nice. Free ice cream!" I laugh awkwardly and feel my face flushing.

"Oh, right. I don't usually work here. My brother, Tom, does. I'm filling in for him for the holidays, because he's visiting his girlfriend's parents in Kentucky. I'm actually an actor. Not a very good one, but still."

"Really? So am I."

"Where do you work?"

"Oh, here and there. I live in New York, but I've only been in some off Broadway shows."

"Me too. I have an audition in a week for a show at the Gershwin, but that's as close as I can get."

"Do you mean Wicked's new cast?"

"Yeah. Are you auditioning?"

"Yeah, I am. It's a dream role, you know, so I thought I'd give it a chance. I mean, it's the best show you could ever get into…" I trail off.

"Isn't it? My agent told me about it, I went and saw it, and it was an amazing role. Fiyero, that is. That's the part I'm trying out for."

"Elphaba." I said, smiling at the thought of flying fifty feet above the Gershwin stage.

We're staring at each other now, and he breaks eye contact first.

"Your cone is melting."

"Oh! Right." I say, noticing the ice cream trickling over the chocolate dip. "See you later."

"Yeah. Oh, it's Ian, by the way."


I shake his outstretched hand and he walks off, smiling at me as he disappears behind the kitchen.

When I sit down at the table, I still have a stupid grin plastered on my face.

"What does he do for a living?" My dad asks. My dad's one of those people who just knows things by looking at someone. "I know he doesn't work at Dairy Queen."

"He's in theater. In New York, actually. He's auditioning for the same show as me."

"So basically, he's perfect?" He asks, "If I know you well enough."

"He is," I say, then to avoid looking like a total stereotypical girl, "But he's probably gay." I say, and my dad laughs and shakes his head, starting his ice cream. As I lick my own cone, I think, He'd be too good to be true otherwise.