Sometimes we need a speaker

Someone to give us advice

But in this cold unspoken world

I can never find anyone so nice

We dream of peace and harmony

A land with no such wars

We are the children in this home

And opportunity is locked doors

The cannons still rage on

A distant hum within our ears

Sooner enough we will be deaf

With nothing but our tears

We seek fro a humanitarian

In the alleys we search a vigilante

'The graffiti plastered on the walls'

Soon mean nothing at all to me

I smile at the daring protestors

That dare to take today's stand

If it weren't for their love of life

We won't have truth on our hand

Our broken lives are speechless

We need words within our hearts

The veins that beat on our wrists

Haven been bleeding from the start

The world will soon ash in fire

From violence on the streets

The continuous tremor we feel

Comes from our own heartbeats

Take care of our future

Look after the children now

Try to make the world better

Hold hands and make this vow

We look to our teachers

But the black curtain leaves a stain

In all of our horror

Our lives are still in pain.