Meana rushed to class fumbling her books, trying to keep them steady as she dodged through the crowds of students. Her sprint came to a sudden and painful end as a classroom door swung open and smacked her in the face, knocking Meana and her pile of books to the floor.

As she scurried across the floor, pulling her things into a messy pile, a pale hand with black chipped nails wearing a hobo glove closed over her English book's spine and lifted it from the dirty hallway floor. Meana looked up and locked eyes with a pair of charcoal lined emeralds.

She scanned the face of the boy holding her book as he flipped his fringe out of his eyes. Again, she locked eyes with him but looked away quickly while whispering a shaky thank you and running off. Before she could round the corner to another wing of the school, a hand closed around her arm and spun her around quickly. There, looking at her with an intense gaze was the boy who had picked up her book, and she noticed that it was still in his hand.

"You forgot this." Said the boy, holding out the book.

"Sorry. I was kind of in a rush." She replied nervously.

"I didn't get your name?" he said, forming the statement into a question.

"It's Meana. I didn't get yours either." She said, gaining some confidence.

"It's Paul. But most people call me button. I'm not sure why, but it stuck." He replied, flashing a smile that made his eyes glow.

Meana smiled too. "Well I need to get to class Paul, Err button. I'll see you around."

As she turned around to walk down the hall, her arm was caught in Paul's warm grip again.

"Don't think you can just walk away without exchanging numbers, missy!" He said, amusement lacing his voice.

Meana smiled and took a pen from her pocket then scrawled her cell phone number onto the palm of his hand. She handed him the pen and he wrote his on a paper at the top of her stack.

"Bye Meana. Have fun in class." Paul said, giggling. Meana smirked and said simply, "Bye Paul." And with that she walked off to class, a smile that she couldn't get rid of on her face.