"Come on, you can't be serious!" Charlotte exclaimed. Ainsley just nodded her head and held onto the strap of her messenger bag. "You are serious, aren't you?"

"For the fourth time yes," Ainsley sighed. "There was no reaction at all. I told him, and well, just nothing." Walking as slow as the pair could best friends Charlotte and Ainsley were headed back to Ainsley's apartment.

Ainsley was 17 and had moved to the small city of Agana two years ago. She had her own apartment, with the mystery of any parents existing remaining just that, a mystery. With a large sum of money tucked away in the banks, from who knows where, Ainsley didn't have to get a job to support herself. She was all set. Charlotte on the other hand had lived in Agana her whole life, with her mom and dad both working and an older brother almost ready to go to college.

Both girls were juniors in High School, at the same school. And as a usual ritual now they always went back to Ainsley's apartment after school. Today was no exception.

"So you told Josh and got nothing? Not even a response?" Charlotte asked Ainsley, again.

"I'm not gonna repeat myself, Char. He said that we'd talk tomorrow, if I still wanted too," Ainsley said as she dug through her pockets for her keys. Stepping into the tiny elevator, they rode it up to the seventh floor, the top floor. The top floor had the nicest apartments, and the fewest, three. Ainsley was lucky enough to be the only living on that floor at the time, the others were still for rent, but no one could seem to afford or want them.

"What time do you have to be home today?" Ainsley asked as they dropped their bags by the door and slipped off their shoes.

"I can stay until six tonight. Mom and Dad won't be home until almost seven, so that leaves me and Joey to fix dinner." Charlotte walked into the kitchen and took a can of pop from the fridge. Joey was her older brother, only older by a year though.

"Cool. We can do what homework we have then launch ourselves into the game room," Ainsley smiled as she ducked into her bedroom real quick.

"Or we can skip the homework and go right into the game room," Charlotte suggested. "I mean the only homework we have is Chemistry, and that isn't due until next week. And come on tomorrow is Friday."

"I know, you keep reminding me," Ainsley called through her closed door, her voice a little muffled.

"I'm just excited because I get to stay the weekend," Charlotte opened the door next to Ainsley's bedroom, the game room. This room was about the size of a normal bedroom, filled with a couch and a couple of bean bag chairs. An entertainment center held a large 36 inch tv and many game systems below it, with an array of games.

Ainsley emerged from her room now in black tank top and a pair of black sweat pants that hung on her hips showing her midriff. She had put her long blonde hair up in a clip to keep it out of her face.

"I swear, one day I'm going to go into your closet and I know exactly what I'm going to find," Charlotte mused. Ainsley raised her eyebrows, curious. "I'm going to see one half with everyday clothes, then the other half is going to be about ten pairs of black tanks tops and ten pairs of black pants. That is the only thing you wear at home."

"Well, it's comfortable, what can I say," Charlotte shook her head and walked into the game room. "What? Is there something wrong with it?"


Joey had come right around six to pick up Charlotte. Ainsley had walked down with Charlotte to say hi to Joey. Charlotte waved to Ainsley as she disappeared back into the building. Inside the car Joey took off with a smile on his face.

"What are you happy about?" Charlotte gave him an inquisitive look. "Oh wait, I know. You still like her?"

"Eh, what can I say. She's an attractive girl," Joey said without looking at Charlotte, keeping focused on the road.

"Yea, and she's been here for two years. You are such a wimp." Charlotte rolled her eyes. "I swear you'd better ask her out soon, or stop getting so tongue tied over her."

"Doesn't she like someone else though?" Joey asked.

"Well she thinks she does, but I know that it's not real. Just some crush that will be over with soon." A few more minutes of silence ensued before they reached their own home.


Ainsley locked her door and shut off the lights shuffling into her room. She lit a few candles and turned on a small lamp in the corner. She shut her bedroom door and hopped onto her bed sitting cross-legged in the middle. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, wiping away the stress from the day and silently thanking fate that nothing happened again. She always hoped that her past wouldn't catch up with her, it's the reason she moved. To start anew, and everything was going alright for her this time.

Looking around her room she realized that she had forgotten to close the closet door, leaving open access to it. Getting up Ainsley checked to make sure that everything was tucked away in the back. Packed away in boxes were her books and a few other random items that she hoped she would never have to bring out again, unless she got curious.

Deciding that she should at least try and get some sleep, Ainsley blew out the candles and turned off the lamp. Climbing into bed she closed her eyes and thought of the day ahead of her, or at least the fun she would have.


"Alright! Sleep over party!" Charlotte practically yelled when her and Ainsley entered the apartment. Ainsley laughed as she dropped her bag and went to go change, as usual. Charlotte smiled as she grabbed a few things from her bag and changed in the guest bathroom. When Ainsley came out of her room she rolled her eyes as she caught sight of a smiling Charlotte.

"You just couldn't resist yourself could you?" Ainsley asked. Charlotte has changed into the exact same black outfit that Ainsley usually wore.

"It was too tempting. Now," Charlotte looked around the apartment. "What to do first." She tapped her chin with her fingers, then her eyes locked onto Ainsley's bedroom door.

"Oh no you don't," Ainsley stood in front of the door. "No one but me goes in there."

"Oh come on, it's not like your hiding a guy in there,..." Charlotte stopped and put on a sly smile. "You're not are you?"

"Of course not!"

"Then what's the biggy?"

"I just want my bedroom to stay a little private." Then her door bell rang. Ainsley ran over to the intercom and waited for a voice. Silence. "Hello?" Still there was nothing. She shrugged and turned to walk away when the bell sounded again. Ainsley turned to look at Charlotte. "Okay, listen up. I'm going to run downstairs real quick and see what's going on. "You stay out of my room"

"Yes, mom," Charlotte mocked. Ainsley rolled her eyes and scampered out the door. Instantly Charlotte ran into her bedroom. Ainsley would be a while since the elevator was out of order. Going for the closet first Charlotte was disappointed that her closet was not how she had described it the day before.

"Wait a sec, what is this?" Charlotte leaned into the closet and pulled out a few boxes. She found large books with leather covers, large old books. Opening one of the books to a random page she started to read. "By a full moon's light until the dark of a new moon we fight, a presence here enter until she does find her center." Charlotte knitted her eyebrows together. "This is one weird book, no wonder Ains leaves it in a box."

Suddenly a sharp wind picked up in the room, tossing about bed sheets and papers and knocking over lamps, blowing Charlotte's hair in her face and blinding her. "Where is Warrior Leelah?" A deep voice called behind her.