Chapter one,

A Begining,

Gold Flames swirled around my body, it burned away my clothes, It hurt so much. I was lifted off the ground the burning gets more intense I let out a high pitched howl I am almost completely naked now the gold pain wont go away, now even my glasses disappear Disintegrating in the flame. This is how I got my powers this is how I nearly killed my friends and almost destroying my town. This is my tale, my story, and my bane.

I was ten days ago, oh so long ago, I walked to my storage unit surveying the doors that hid other people stuffs, I got to the back where our own was, my mother had sent me to pick up some stuff for her. Pieces of old family relics staring at the pieces of junk he grabbed the photo abulm that mother had requisted and was about to leave when something caught his eye. An old tatered book, it had a brown cover, with torn spine. It had nothing apperantly good about it, it was almost repulsive, but it was attracting him some how, he could almost hear a voice saying to grab it, you need it... and without thinking, he did.

"Cant hurt," I grabbed the stuff I needed and left not knowing that I had changed my life forever.

After, a while I went home, mother was in the kitchen making some dinner once again I didnt reagonize it, his mother hated repeat meals.

"Hey son," his mother called from the kitchen.

"Hey mom, I got the stuff that you wanted, and I found this." I layed the book on the table. then something strange happened. Mother almost broke into tears, he could see them, then she stopped, looking him in the eye.

"Its your fate," and went back to making dinner.

"Mom?" but she ignored me acting like she couldnt hear me. Shacking my head I walked off, scared.

Later, after dinner I went to my homework, passing by the table in search of a calculater,


I whipped around in responce, looking around the dinning room, there was no one. Looking at the table I found the book, I picked it up and opened the cover. Its first words, were burned into my memory forever.

Your blood line made a convent, to forever challenge the limits of your body, and the limits of your mind, Now are you ready to take on the burden of your ancestors and be the one who actually suceeds? There is no turning back from you task young one, dont make you decision lightly, read these pages and be enlightend, make your choice young one.

I turned the page to see Instructions, I didnt understand what it meant for awhile it took me three times to understand it. but when I did, I knew I had to try it, with some quick calls. I got everybody togather in Terra's basement.

"So we going to do it?" Eddy kept asking, he was more psyched about this than I was. His real name Edgar, he is tall with weird curly hair, pale skin, and a liking to black clothing He is more confused about life than I am he focuses his attention on a single object and devotes his life to it, when things go bad he blames it and gets suicidal. He wants so much to find something bigger than himself that he can devote it to.

"Yeah are we?" Terra asked me, she was one of the two girls on this trip. She was beautiful with dark brown hair, and hips to die for, but, she also looked for a cause bigger than herself, getting sick easily, and falling for guys that weren't for her she hurt herself a lot.

"You guys know that this isn't going to work." Kelly said. She is almost the exact opposite of Terra kinda short, she was strong and stubborn, she grew up in a highly religious house, she had a cause bigger than her self and that was God, the only reason she was out here was because Terra was out here.

"Yeah but we could give it a shot." Garret interjected. He was perfectly happy with himself he was medium height, and skinny as a pole, he had a great sense of humor. Like I though he didn't really look for a cause bigger than himself, but he did like the group and the group was us, so where we went and did stupid things, he went and did stupid things.

"Yes, lets just be stupid kids one last time." I interjected, my name is Tale I am short with dark brown hair. We were sitting in Kelly's basement in a circle with the book in the middle of us. I look at it and in child like wonder I picked it up. "okay lets do this." I flipped through the pages. Till I found the page with the "spell" on it. "Okay then lets do this." Eddy volunteered to go first.

"If anything happens to me, tell my parents they can go stuff it." he said with an smile the five of us surround him. I put my fingers an his head, and started to read form the book

"Now child prepare to become an adult, prepare to do things that you never thought that you could do, and prepare to fight for things you never thought that you could fight for. I command that your powers be released, that your internal battle be settled, and that your life will become one with your self and not fight against your true self. Now child Become A MAN!" I finished the words as the lights went out.

"Whoa! Whats happening?" garret yelled looking around suddenly the ground shook, the entire house rattled and shook

"What? An earth quake in South Dakota?"

"Guys, whats going on with Eddy?" Terra brought out attention back to him he was on his knees shaking.

"Eddy? Ed!" I got up and tried to grab his shoulder. Pain racked my entire body.

BOOM! I went flying Crack! Blazing pain was racing up my next thing I knew was all the way across the room lying on my face. I look up and saw being lifted in the air blue light seemed to gather around him swirling around my body it got brighter and brighter BOOM! Another explosion racked the place we watched as Eddy in front of us Disintegrated in a climax of blue light

"EDDY!!!!" I said running forward once again I was flung back, once again pain racked my body. Looking up the blue light started to gather and we watched as the blue clouds started to gather forming a soiled shape SHOOSH, with a gust of air eddy was back standing in front of us.

"Hey" was all eddy said when he fell to the floor.

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