Wander smiled up at the man. "Good evening, Conquede."

Conquede smiled and shut the door behind him, making his way over to sit on Wander's bed.

"I'll assume you're not tired," he said to the boy. Wander shook his head and sat next to him on the bed. Conquede wrapped his arms around the boy and pulled him against him, pressing his lips to Wander's. The wonderful Greco-Roman boy kissed him back with vigor, pulling away after a few moments of their tongue-tying and rested his head against Conquede's shoulder.

"I wanted to thank you again for saving me..."

"It was no trouble," Conquede said and smiled, running his hand through Wander's hair.

Scooting back against the headboard, Conquede pulled Wander into his lap and kissed him again. The Greco-Roman beauty wrapped his arms around the older man's neck and kissed his throat, suckling gently and carefully leaving a small red mark where his lips had once been. Conquede threw his head back against the headboard and arched his back toward the boy as he felt his lips trailing down his chest, his young, skillful hands opening his satin robe slightly to make wake for his eager mouth.

Wander stopped and pulled back, placing his hand against Conquede's chest. The stark contrast of their skin tones was astonishing. His dark, weather-worn skin against Conquede's pale complexion...it was beautiful.

He was crashed out of his train of thought when he heard the older man speak. "Undress," he told him. Wander smiled and complied, taking little time in removing his clothing but making sure that the look in Conquede's eyes stayed approving as he did so. Almost as soon as his pants slid their way down his knees, Wander felt hands on his body.

Conquede, feeling more than just aroused by the beautiful boy submitting before him, couldn't help but feel the prize he knew he'd achieve. Pale hands slithered over soft mounds of flesh of the younger boy's backside, fingers dipping into the cleft and down toward the boy's most private entrance.

Of course, Conquede expected the boy to recoil; instead, Wander bit his lip and pushed himself back against that welcome hand, feeling fingers poking and prodding and making their way to enter.

One of the fingers entered him and poked around, and Wander instinctively clamped his muscles down on it, trying to force it back out; such a foreign intrusion was alien to him. Another finger entered him and both fingers proceeded to stretch his opening in a scissoring motion. After a few moments, though, they began to pump in and out of him, creating a strange feeling that was neither unpleasant nor comfortable.

After a moment, though, those magic fingers hit something inside him that made Wander cry out in ecstasy, a tingly feeling jolting through his veins from his toes to his loins to his fingertips to his nose. They repeated it again and in seconds, Wander felt himself enlarging, his groin tightening a pleasurable pressure.

The fingers removed themselves. Groaning a little in annoyance, he cracked open an eye and looked at Conquede—only to be surprised at the feel of the older man's lips on his erection. Not only was it surprising, it felt damn good! An experienced tongue slithered from Conquede's pale lips and encircled the tip of his manhood, coating the skin in a sheen of saliva, making it shine in the dim light of the room.

Conquede skillfully wrapped his lips around the head of Wander's cock, flattening his tongue and sucking with utmost expertise. Wander threw his head back and arched his back, trying with all of his might not to thrust up into that talented mouth, settling for spreading his legs wider instead.

When he was sure he was going to explode, the sensations subsided. Conquede was wiping a dribble of spit off of his chin and grinning at him. Wander just blinked stupidly.

"Come here, get in my lap," Conquede ordered, patting his now-bare thigh lightly. Wander's breath hitched in his throat; sometime before he'd realized, the older man had opened his robe and his entirety was exposed to him. His build wasn't muscular, but thin and lean, with muscles rippling beneath his pale, pretty skin.

Wander let his eyes drift down the man's body, taking in how tight his stomach looked, and how his hips jutted out, slightly woman-like, and how his huge, dripping—waitwaitwait, hold it!
Gulping, Wander crawled over to Conquede, sitting in his lap, making sure not to touch the large, pulsating monster that also sat in the man's lap.

Conquede pulled Wander to him, lips crushing against his, hands immediately grabbing the smaller boy by the hips and lifting him up. Wander could feel the man's member at his entrance, and he held his breath, unable to relax.

Thankfully, the man was merciful this time, and lowered him gently and slowly onto his cock, thrusting leisurely and evenly. After a few minutes, Conquede pushed himself up at an angle, hitting that sweet spot inside Wander over and over, causing the boy to throw his head back in ecstasy, moaning in the same beat as their syncopated rhythm, pushing himself down on the man who held him comfortably.

Conquede couldn't hold back his own grunts of satisfaction. So tight, so tight, so hot, so...beautiful...

In a blinding moment, Wander spilled his seed onto their stomachs, the sticky white substance dripping down, creating a lovely atmosphere for Conquede to finish in. As if on cue, he released himself inside the lovely no-longer-virginal body that so willingly complied with his demands.

Pulling the beautiful Greco-Roman boy to him, Conquede panted his contentment into the hot, sex-smelling air. Wander closed his eyes and rubbed his blushing face against Conquede's warm, pale chest and drifted into a light slumber.