None of That

It's hard to hate so heatedly,
So completely, help me hinder the
Animosity, the heavy
Labored breathing, this harsh rasping, dead
But still somehow living carbon
Thing, coarsely escaping my tired
Exhausted lungs. It seems somehow
My blood cannot get the oxygen
It needs, my body is still so
Tired but still awake, the breathing
Is so disturbing, got to stay
Awake and keep breathing just to get
The energy to exhaust on
Breathing in the energy I need
To exhaust. I find it strangely
Surprising, nay mesmerizing, that
I should be thinking of you at
All and then comes breathing; heavy and
Puffing clouds in the hot humid
Weather, condensing and then promptly
Condescending, falling right back
Into my face and I know that the
Moisture is from you. It is so
Strange that I should be thinking of you
Now tonight; help me hinder the
Animosity, the heavy, the
Labored breathing, the damn hot, hot
Breathing, the abnormal, peculiar,
Unsatisfying, empty and
Unfullfilling breathing. It's hard to
Hate so heatedly, suffocate
On breathing. No breathing. It's easy
To hate what is not helping. Please,
No hating, no breathing.
No breathing, no hating.