The wetness and coldness surrounds me and you
Present in the very air I breathe, you breathe
Out and in, it flows right through me, through you
My body shakes, despite the layers that protect me
You stand there, hair wet against your face
Breath coming in and out in short shallow gasps
Clothes clinging to your body, soaked beyond wet
Your eyes blank and clouded, you're not here
My hand reaches out, brushes right past your cheek
But you don't feel it, you feel nothing
How long was it since you've become like this,
Like a ghost wandering the world, you've lost your soul
Thrown it into the darkness and left it there,
Leaving your, oh so messed-up, life behind
Forgetting who you are, forgetting what you are
Forgetting the person you taught me to become,
Abandoning the self that you couldn't save, couldn't rescue
I exhale, a stream of hot white air, you exhale, nothing
I reach out my other hand, pass your soaked body, grab you and hold you close
Warmth is seeping out, my clothes become wet by touching you
My heart beats quickly, but yours, its rhythmic sound not wavering
Your heart hollow, your body cold, in the rain, its all the same
Tears drop, but its washed away by the falling wetness
Long ago, I asked to see pass the walls you built around yourself
You hesitated, but finally let me through, through the barriers
But inside, it was already too late, you had given up
There was, there wasn't
From outside, you had seemed so mysterious, so unknown
But once I entered into your realm, I realized I was wrong

It hadn't been unknown, but unheard
Your screams your cries your tears your pains
No one ever heard, no one ever tried to know, to hear, to understand
Now the screams the cries the tears the pains are gone
Vanquished by the hands of time
All that remains, is...

Find the me that I lost to the dark so long ago
And bring warmth back into my life, color back into my eyes,
And love back into my heart.
Before its really too late...