"Stick Girl"

She's a
Bloody cunt rag on the street,
Hooker boots and torn fishnets.
She bit her nail seductively,
Then took her shirt off easily.
"Slut! Whore! Bitch!"—You know,
Any attention is good attention.

She's the
Bloody cunt rag in the mirror,
Fake lashes and neon heels.
They're all looking at my body,
So I'm never eating lunch because
When you've been ignored for years,
Any attention is good attention.

Flashing scars lining her wrist,
She smirks with cherry lips, but
How I like when they wonder
What's beneath my sleeves.
I have the charm of mystery, for
Any attention is good attention
When they're all looking at me.

I thought I wanted her to die
When the one I hated was I,
And I only envied her spotlight.