Chapter Eight: Truth

January 1, 1986- 19 years old

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday. She is Dmitri and my child. Dmitri doesn't know about Selene, my baby girl. Donna does. Dmitri is away and Donna gave birth to Lola in secret.

Donna is now the leader of my tribe. I was evicted from the tribe because I renounced their evil ways. They ripped my baby from me. The tribe took custody because she is part Defender. I can do nothing.

Lola, who isn't Dmitri's baby, is a result of an affair Donna had. She is given to the father. My Selene is called Diana and passed off as Dmitri and Donna's child.

I will not get my daughter back. I'm not strong enough. She will have a better life with them. I never tell Dmitri of our daughter.


"I don't know that part." She admitted about Lola.

"I'll give you a hint." Donna offered. "Dmitri is still your father. He never knew you weren't mine. Now turn to the person next to you and ask her."

Artemis looked at Aphrodite. "You are mine. Donna passed Lola to Azariel. She passed you off as her daughter. I was evicted from the tribe. I thought you would be better off with them." Aphrodite whispered.

Artemis took a deep breath. Then she turned back to Donna. "You know, lady, the only thing that was keeping me from kicking your butt was the fact I believed you were my mother. Now that you aren't I can say you are a soulless, vicarious, and selfish woman." Artemis remarked slowly and deliberately.

"Shut up." Azariel ordered. He grabbed Artemis's arm and pulled her up. "Let's get this over with. It won't bring Lola back."

"It would be kind of hard to bring her back—" Artemis started, but Donna interrupted.

"I vote we cut Hunter open and let him bleed to death while he watches her die." Donna stated.

"Very violent, dear. I like it." Azariel said.

"Wait. Wait." Artemis called. Azariel ignored her as he brought the knife to her throat. "You don't have to bring Lola back."

"What do you mean?" Azariel paused.

"Lola isn't dead." Everyone in the room froze. Lola and Noble came to be seen.

"Shut up!" Lola shouted. Like father, like daughter. Azariel was in shock. The knife clattered to the floor.

"That's not going to happen. Lola and Noble set the whole thing up. Lola "dies". Azariel blames Noble and Hunter. Azariel "kills" Noble. Lola and Noble reunite. Expect Noble involved me by accident. He wanted my powers so he lies to me telling the lies so many times he starts to believe them himself. Their "deaths" were caused by Hollywood special effects. Noble talked Azariel into killing my adoptive parents. I figure it all out with some common sense, logical, and Seer abilities." She explained.

"I told you she was going to figure it out." Lola hissed.

"That's why I cast a spell on her." Noble stated.

"Expect I'm hard to kill. My baby wasn't." Artemis stated sadly. "Was it really necessary to sleep with me?"

"It was very convincing, wasn't it?" Noble remarked egoistically. "I'm always first."

"You slept with her! You promised me you would be faithful." Lola screeched.

"I guess I wasn't the only one screwed by him." Artemis remarked.

"You didn't really think I loved you, too. Oh, yes, you did. You half-Defenders are so easy to fool." Noble said. He turned to Lola. "You really thought I would fall in love with my step-brother's daughter. Remember Azariel is only related to me by marriage." Then he turned back to Artemis. "Isn't the first lesson as a Defender that 'vampires are the master manipulators'?"

"I wish you luck in Hell." Artemis remarked for everyone. "Whether that luck is good or bad is up to God."

"Azariel, my step-brother, with your daughter and Artemis's powers we could rule the world. What do you say about tying them up and scarifying them?" Noble asked.

"Sounds great. Partners again?" Azariel said happily. He went from about to revenge his daughter's death to killing her himself. Azariel was a very weird guy.

I was bound with Artemis and Lola. Aphrodite and Dmitri were bound together. Gunn was bound to the table. I was thankful Fiona had picked up Krystal. "I didn't even know we were related by marriage. I was raised by nuns." Lola muttered about her and Noble.

Azariel paused. "One another thing. Where is the amulet?"

"Eat shit and die." Artemis and I exclaimed simultaneously.

"I get the feeling we have more than one Keeper in the room. Hunter? No, they wouldn't give a junkie all that responsibility. Artemis? No, they wouldn't make someone who fraternizes with vampires a Keeper. Gunn? No, he works for a vampire. Lola? No, she was believed dead. Dmitri? He's a spineless, weak man so no. We already know Aphrodite is one."

There was another simultaneously exclamation by everyone mentioned above expect the three trying to kill us. Hee hee. Can you guess what it was?

"Okay. Then Artemis is first." He caught her wrist and cut it. He let the blood drip into a bowl. They would do this until she bleeds to death. Then they would move on to the next person. It was disgusting and the most painful thing they would do to me. By killing her they were destroying me.

I couldn't watch Artemis die. "I'll trade my life for hers." I offered.

"We already have yours." Azariel stated as he watched the blood drip.

"Yes, but magic is much more powerful when given willing." I argued.

"NO!" Artemis exclaimed.

"The amulet? If you give it to me I will let her go. The amulet and your powers. Then it's a deal." Azariel offered.

"Hunter, don't." Artemis argued. "Think about what you are doing."

"Deal. I think the amulet is in the Holiday Well." I stated. Where the Holiday Well is isn't important or what it is.

"We'll be back." Azariel said. Then they left us tied there.

"I was so hoping the Lola thing turned them against each other." Artemis remarked. "A good blood transfusion wasted." She remarked about her bleeding. I undid my wrists and reached over Lola to heal it.

"So was I." I murmured. "At least they are gone."

"You're a Keeper. Only Keepers can heal sacrificial wounds." Lola announced excitedly.

"Yes." I said for her benefit. Then I returned to my conversation with Artemis. "I'll just have to kill him."

"NO!" Artemis protested. She hated the thought of killing. She was a Keeper, too.

"They won't stop. Our Keeper boss wants them dead by tonight at midnight." I reminded.

"I know how that can happen without us killing them."

Artemis's POV

They would come back with a fake amulet to meet just Hunter and me. I refused to leave him. He held me. The chances of them killing us on the spot were high.

My plan was good if they did the egoistical thing of bad guys by holding off on the kill to brag. Hunter kissed me. "I may not be over Noble or over the baby. I do know one thing. I love you now. I have always loved you. Loving you is different from Noble. A good kind of wonderful love." I confessed.

I could very well die. With all this near death experiences I was right to get 'lovey dovey'. You don't want to die without telling the people you love that you love them. They generally need told to know. I should know. I have died before on the operating table.

"I love you, too. There's something I have to do before all of this." He bent down on one knee and pulled a box out. It was like we were in the movies. He flashed the gorgeous antique, family heirloom engagement ring. The same one he had pawned off for drug money. He never told me he had got it back. "Will you marry me, Sele?"

"Yes." He was already sliding the ring on my finger knowing my answer. I wanted to jump up and down. I am engaged! I am engaged! I would repeat it over and over if I wasn't about to face the people would or could very well kill me.

He stood up as they came back. "You lied!" Donna screeched.

"So did you. Do they both know you are sleeping with both of them?" I asked unwilling to pass up the chance.

The accusations started to fly along with magick. I didn't feel bad as Hunter and I exited. They killed each other in their sick little love triangle. They would have found out eventually.

I walked into my new fate with the love of my life at my side. Didn't I tell you? Your fate changes if you change it. Sometimes you can't, but fate is inconstant. It changes along with you. I know three constants in my life: death, taxes, and Hunter.

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