By E. V. Ilasi

Once there was a little star,

In nights sky, away so far,

She tried to twinkle with all her might,

To sparkle happily in the night.


But this star, to her dismay,

Did not put on a good display,

So other stars around her said,

"Just go to sleep, just go to bed."


"We are brighter than you'll ever be,

So we're the stars the children will see,

Their wishes to us will make us stronger,

And this alone makes us last longer."


The little star became so sad,

She wanted to grow; she wanted it bad,

She needed those wishes from kids down below,

But how to get them, she did not know.


She went to the moon on one starry night,

And asked, "Can I borrow some of your light?"

The moon looking over said "That I can't do.

The light is the suns, not mine to give to you."


She went to the sun to ask for a flare,

"If I give you some light, what do you have to share?"

The little star looked but found nothing to give,

So back to the space she went where she did live.


"I think I can help you," the star heard from below,

"I think I can help you get wishes, you know."

The little star looked at a puffy white cloud,

That's where the voice called to her very, very loud.


"Oh cloud, could you help me get some child's wishes?

I'd be so grateful, I'd do all your dishes."

"No that isn't needed, I just like you so,

I'll help you get wishes and then you will grow."


"Tonight, follow me as the stars I will hide,

I'll open up briefly right here on this side,

The some child will look up and see only you,

And a wish will come up as a child's wish will do."


So, that night the small star did exactly as told,

And twinkle through the cloud she really did glow,

A small child saw it twinkle alone in the sky,

And the wish she did make, to the little star did fly.


The little star caught the wish sent above,

The wish of the child was sent up with much love,

And all of a sudden the star started to grow,

And sparkles increased, isn't that nice to know.


"Oh, thank you kind cloud, for your help on this night,

Oh, thank you dear cloud for my increasing light,

You've helped me so much, what can I give you?"

"Just a twinkle and sparkle as I move on through."


So when you look up to the night sky from bed,

Remember a wish needs be made for a star to be fed,

Pick out a small star once your wish is set to go,

And help it get wishes and love so it grows.

I wrote this in 1998 for my daughter and hope the children in your life enjoy it as much as Rose did and does. Dedicated to her; my inspiration.

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