Remember Me…

As we grow older

Please never forget

All of the good times

We had since we met

Never forget me

And I'll never forget you

I'll never forget

All that we've been through

The fun times at Dorney

The tears in the hallway

The laughter and jokes

Are not that far away

This year things have changed

Memories erased

Washed away by tears;

Sent down the drain

And then we got 'boyfriends'

And stopped talking as much

And I miss our friendship

I miss it so much

I miss all the jokes

I miss all the giggles

I miss all the fun times

And making fun of the Wiggles

I can't wait 'til the day

When we talk more again

I can't wait until

I can called you my best friend again

One day I hope

We'll be close again

One day I hope

All of the crap will end

Each of us will change

Each of us will grow

I just wish I didn't

In my heart know

That the beginning of this year

Changed our lives

Changed our thoughts

Changed our petty fights

I will never forget you

I will never forget the fun

I will never forget the strength you showed

Despite the lack of sun

Girl, you've got courage

And I'm really proud of you

I just can't wait until we talk a lot

Once our friendship is anew

I still consider you a close friend

Yet I feel so far away

From a girl whose side I'd never leave

Any passing day

The last thought that I'll say

Is something very small

I love you and I hope you see that

Despite the crap and all

That us girls make up

That us girls start

The things that make us different

From boys who just fart

Although there's still time

And right now we are still friends

If we are ever separated

I want to double check again

That you'll remember me

'Cause I'll remember you

Maybe you will understand why I brought this up

By the time the school years are through