Dear Mom…

Dear Mom,

I'm sure you'll never know

All the pain that I've been through

Or how you made me feel so low

I'm not sure I will ever make you proud

I'm not sure that I'll ever forget

Every cruel word you said

When our eyes met

That one day

That seems so far away

In my heart,

Was just yesterday

The curses and screams

The pushes and shoves

My brother I kept near

So he would know the meaning of love

Was not from someone like you

And that your behavior was not right

I don't care if you have problems

You also had responsibilities that night

Since the responsibilities you had

Were washed down you throat with your drink

Here am I left with scars

And worries about what my brother thinks

Although the pain is gone now

The scars are still there

And all I want to know

Is why you still don't care?

You don't care that you hurt us

Because it was yesteryear

You don't care because

You don't know all our tears

Well, though not much

This is the truth

Though it doesn't say much

I would hope it would stop your uncouth

You are a parent

And you need to grow up

I had to early

So I think you can now

Now I leave you with this last poem

And this last thought

As a note from the children

That you may not have lost

If you could have been sober

If you could have been calm

If you could have been nicer

And not reacted with your palm

Mom, let this be your lesson

Let this be your reason

Please give up the bottle

Before the end of your season

I don't want my last memory of you

To be the one of Christmas Eve

The one where you slapped my brother

And tried to get us to leave

To drive to some place

And get a DUI

I glad I said no

What would have happened if we died?

Mom, you need to stop

You need to learn

Otherwise you'll see

That this is all the love you'll earn

A sad poem that tells the truth

About a mother so cruel

A mother who used

Alcohol as her fuel

You'll be remembered as a horrid,

Cruel, childish lady

If you can't get yourself sober

Before judgments' day