Night's wearing thin,
So are my thoughts of you,
The ones chewing at my mind,
Like an idea the inventor can't perfect,
Or the final touches the painter can't find,
The heartbeat that won't steady.
So instead it shatters; it spreads itself
Among the many paths laid out in front of me
Each path without a definite end,
And only one path I may take.
And with that, some pieces I must leave,
Others I can choose to mend,
Though with a heart to follow in so many direction,
The choice is anything but easy.
My head may be wise,
Though common sense is nothing but
The answers left unneeded on yesterday's math test,
So blindly I step, and
Senselessly I fall as I stumble
Backwards once again.
Unsure of which path to take,
Which pieces to save?
So I sit down instead.
Unable to move forward or backwards,
Nothing loss, nothing gained,
I'll let the seasons change and keep
The same stone expression,
Proving to the world I will not break
And I'll watch the rest choose their paths and pass me by,
Only then do I realise,
I'm not strong,
I'm only afraid.