Open your eyes

Uncalculated love means tilling in warm pavement groves
Heat radiating distorting sight and lives and lies
A bridge once stood where this pier now sinks so meet me in the water cool
Down deep where light's diluted diffused in mouths of sea beasts
The same truth sitting next to you on buses destined and designed for golden roads
Heading towards green glows in the distance just as you've missed every chance to
Open your eyes

The sun pours in and drapes over your dusty books the shirts you used to wear
She picked them out for you in distress at the last breath of the show
The set was short even though it took 3 years for you to see, unfailing
That the girl sitting next to you is the only woman you can stand
Like gravity 'keeps you where you are and you've got no choice
Moist shoes and a brisk breeze, tearing sharing its frozen voice
Harsh and coarse we'll forgive nature for making it so difficult to
Open your eyes

While walking towards the meaning of everything and nothing's behind you
Carefully milling over all University's taught you over the years
Finding it hard to breath, wrapping the scarf tighter around your neck
Figurin' out it's all a farce; few and far between our enlightenments come
So shun the so-called soothsayers and sign-wielders their shouts and name-calling
Lower our heads to the guillotine like French aristocrats, unfairly and barbaric
They're meant to scare you and deter you, but you've made already made it
So open your eyes