Upon the floor lay angel wings

Along with ugly crow

And in the corner there lay forgotten

A set of horns and halo

this is dedicated to Andrea.

Firstly for her inspiration of it

(even though she had no idea what she did)

And because SHE IS MY ANGEL


I saw my first angel today

Her wings were broken and strewn across the floor

Her halo hung on lopsided,

She was meant to fly no more

Not a tear slid down that face

As she turned to me and said

That she'd give up her other chances

And be with me instead

On my knees I begged her

To take back her withered wings

To go back to which was pure and simple

And not to say such things

Silent she stood upon the sight

Of me bent in shame

Crying out to her god, not mine

Or maybe no one, it's just the same

How is it that one so good

Could love someone like me?

With blackened heart and blacked soul

I cried out on bended knee

"Go back to the side of good and light

Burry me, let me fade to black

For once you have made this choice

There never is a 'going back'"

I felt her hand upon my cheek

My skin began to sing

For never has it before encountered

Such a purely marvelous thing

I look into her luminous eyes

Gray like winter storm

I feel the coldness of heart and soul

Begin to melt and warm

As my crow wings fell from my back

My soul was suddenly lighter

My heart began to sing with joy

And her smile grew only brighter

A wind whipped through my ragged hair

For my horns from my crown fell

The blackness of my heart and soul

Were also gone as well

I looked into those shining eyes

No longer too good for me to see

She'd given up her perfection

To come and be with me

She took me and she raised me up

From my own inflicted deepening hell

Revived me from my temporary death

Existing as an empty living shell

She took my hand and led me out

The two of us on human plane

No longer angel and devil divided

Yet never to be quite the same

Hand in hand we walked away

Two figures in a rising sun

I glad for once my cry to god

Had been heard by no one

We stood alone upon the hill

Her ten times more magnificent than me

But we had reached an equilibrium

Even if it were only for us to see

One bordering on perfect

Who left heaven behind for a beast

The other the depths of human corruption

Watching the sun rise in the east

And behind us on the floor, lay

Her angel wings, along with ugly crow

And in the corner there lay forgotten

A set of horns and halo