OK I'm not sure where this one came from. I just started randomly typing one late evening and this is what came out.Enjoy.

Floating is Fun!

She jumped from the car and began to float slowly to the ground. Passers by didn't noticed her but I did. I was sitting on my motorbike, just about to start my engine when a blonde woman in a long blue dress jumps off a black and white mini on the other side of the street. Her toes seemed to skim the ground before she actually landed. It was like in the nature programmes when the swan touches the surface of the water before sitting. I used a swan as an example because swans make me think of elegance and grace and thats what I saw in this woman as she landed.

I don't know why everyone else on the street continued to walk rather than stop and stare at the floating woman as she defied the laws of gravity. It was a busy street too, but only my mouth was to be found gapping. When she landed she paused for a few seconds then turned around and got in the car that she had jumped off and drove away.

I sat there on my bike for a moment trying to remotly understand what I had just seen, then qickly I started the bike and begun to drive after the car. I could see turning at the bottem of the street and immeadiatly I slowed down in astonishment as the mini seemed to be going in slow motion like when people in movies go in slow motion, except this was on a car and in real life.

Once the car had turned the corner I realised that I had actually stopped and that the cars bhind me was angrily beeping its horn at me. Determined to fllow this woman I started back down the street and turned the corner. She was slowing down to a red light. Quickly I went down the street and slipped beside the two cars behind the mini so that I stopped rigt beside her car and could look through the window and see her. I couldn't help but stare. She really was quite beautiful; long, straigt, blonde hair, a rounded face with a small cute nose, thin pink lips and glassy blue eyes. She caught me looking at her and I immeadiatly looked forward, pretending that I hadn't been rudely goggleing at her. Unfortunatly my will power is not very strong and I took another look. She was still looking at me. She smiled and I managed a faint smile in return. What now? More angry car horns answered my question. The lights had turned green and we had to move. I let her accelerate off first so that I could still trail her, but she was bound to notice if I followed her now, so I thanked Sash when she stopped in the next street, right outside 'Cleo's Cafe.'

Slowly I continued to the next street to park my bike. I had watched the woman get out of the car and walk towards the cafe before I turned the corner and lost sigt of her. Feeling very much like a stalker and deciding that this was a very peculiar day indeed, and began to make my way towards the cafe with no clue as to what I would do when I got there.

She was sitting in the window seat, a cup of tea on the table and a book in her hand. As I approached she looked up from her reading to see me. She smiled and I smiled back. I hesitated unsure if I should proceed but thought what the heck and walked into the shop.

"Hi," was all I could think of saying as I looked over the small circular table at her.

"The motorcycle guy," she said, a friendly smile on her face.

"Mind if I join you?" I indicated to the other seat with the table.

"No not at all. Please sit."

She had a smooth voice, with what I guessed to be a slight scottish accent. As I sat down into the wavy metal chair, I decided it to be a lovely voice and one that very much suited her. I looked at her, she had set her book quietly on the table and was looking at me. Once again the question 'what now' popped into my head.

"My name's Daniel," I said, deciding to start off with the basics rather than go off about the whole floating buisness.

"Mine's Nardia."

And so the conversation had started, and it went on long after her cup of tea had gone cold and most of the origional customers had left. We talked about her; a english teacher who likes to read, paint and take long walks with her jackrussle. Then we talked about me; a small resteraunte owner (it's a partnership with my friend Jack), who likes motorbikes, good food and playing Lacrosse with my local team. So with ourselfs introduced the conversation turned to life, the universe and everything, until my phone rang with Jack on the other end woundering why I had not met him. Devistated I realised that I had to leave this wounderful woman, but I wasn't just going to let her slip away, never to be seen again.

"Nardia, I'm afraid I have to go now," I said sadly, "but would you be willing to meet me again, for a date?"

"And why should I do that," she grinned slyly.

"Because when I first saw you, you floated to the ground like an angel," I said seriously, " and the kind of woman who floats like an angle is the kind that I'd like to know better."

For an instant she frowned but the plesant smile never left her beautiful face for a second. "Do you know you'r a little strange?" I nodded. "Well I'm not doing anything tomorrow evening, so pick me up at eight and you better take me somewhere nice." She grabbed a serviette, searched through her bag for a pen and wrote her address and telephone number on the serviette. "Though you'll have to meet Keira first," Kiera was the name of her dog, "and if she doesn't like you then thats it, no date." She grinned plesently.

"Till tomorrow then," I said feeling increadble light and happy, and I left the shop.

Outside I spotted her black and white car. I ran up it's black and white exterior, jumped as high as I could and floated all the way down the street, around the corner and landed on my motorbike. Or at least in my mind thats how the journey to my bike felt, as I was so happy that my head was in the clouds and I may as well have been floating.