Jenny Fogg

Period #4


Applestine The day The Evil Sorcerer Came To Town

Her eyes were glazed with a fever, making her body burn off the infection that was making her sick. I watched day and night hoping that she would get better not worse. I fed her my best herbal soup remedy that I ever made to help the sickness to go away. After a few days it got worse than I knew that the sickness was cause by sorcery! So I summoned all the healing powers that I possessed to heal her. That night the fever broke so she was able to sleep peacefully and I was able to relax some myself. Then tomorrow I would search for the sorcerer who cast the spell that made my beloved Lilyen sick and weak without any powers to fight the sickness off. I vowed that day I would find out who cast the spell and destroy him so he could not do the same thing again to my dear beloved Lilyen.

I was counting all my candy when all of the sudden a cold chill spread over me like someone was watching me. I turned around and looked but no one was there. I turned back to my candy to start counting where I left off. As I started to count my candy again someone came up from behind me and took a hold of me and said "I've got you now!"

I tried to scream and warn my beloved of the danger but I couldn't because of something covering my mouth so then I tried to send a message to him mentally but I couldn't get through to him until it was too late. I saw him get knock out by one of the guys that was holding me minions. Then I was falling into a deep sleep oh no there must have been some kind of sleeping potion in the thing that was covering my mouth. I mustn't fall asleep if I do I'll be left vulnerable to harm and other things………………………

After sometime I awoke and found myself in a place unexplainable so I tried to move but I couldn't. I found out that I was tied up but with what? I couldn't see any rope or chains. Then it dawn on me, this must be the shackles of ice I've been hearing about from my beloved. Then everything came back to me about last night and what had happen to me. So I tried to get a message to my beloved to see if he was all right and to my surprise I got through. So I told him what had happened to me. He got so angry that the connection stared breaking. I told him to calm down, that he was breaking the connection. He realized it and calmed down and asked me where I was? I said to him "I don't know". Then I heard footsteps coming towards me. I told my beloved that I would have to get back to him and that someone was coming so we broke the connection. Then the footsteps got louder meaning the person was coming closer to me I wonder if it is the same person who had kidnapped me and brought me here to this weird place.

Wait a minute, how would I be able to tell if it's the same person because I couldn't see the person face cause the person came up behind me. Suddenly I heard voices outside the door to the room that I was in. The voices sounded like they were whispering excitedly about something. Meaning that I was about to see the person that had kidnapped me and find out where I am. Yes and hopefully get out of these shackles of ice that are keeping me from being able to move. Than all of a sudden I hear a bang! It was the sound of somebody who just disapparated into the room I was in and I looked to see who it was and my surprise turned to horror as I looked upon the evil sorcerer that I went into hiding to hide from him. Then he said to me "How do you like my shackles of ice Lilyen?" I told him "Like them? You think I like not being able to move? You think I like these shackles of ice? Well I don't so let me go!" He said, "Now why would I do that? Now your food is here so eat up we both have a lot to do today." "Like what?" I said.

As I was saying that the shackles of air were disappearing and I was able to move again so I took the liberty moving very slowly so he wouldn't notice me heading towards the door. But he did notice me moving towards the door and then he snapped his fingers so all of the sudden there was a chain around my leg chaining me up to the bedpost. I yelled at him, saying "Let me go!" He said, "Why would I do that?" Then he snapped his fingers again and a table and two chairs appeared. Then he made a hand motion in the air and the door to the room that I was in opened letting in servants of the evil sorcerer carrying food and drink. And some of the servants brought in some type of clothing I am guessing for me. Wait a minute that's a nice dress that one of the servants is holding. And there is another holding a nice pair of shoes and another holding a tiara. Wait a second I'm not going to marry this guy not in his lifetime. Even though I am an Elvan princess… Wait how did he know that I was an Elvan princess in disguise? So I watched as the servants set the table with all of that you could imagine. Wait if I eat this food I might fall into a deep sleep again. Then the evil sorcerer said "You're not going to fall asleep again because

I took the liberty of over seeing the preparing of the food so you won't fall asleep like last time because like I said earlier we both have lots to do to day." "Well I'm not going to be a part of it because you have me chained up to the bedpost," I said angrily. "Oh you will be a part of it. This is just a precaution so you don't run away again" he said angrily! I said "oh what are going to do to me if I run a way again? Hurt me? Oh I'm so scared, not!" I laughed myself silly on that notation doing my best to defy him. "Now go take princess Lilyen and get her dressed and ready for today's lunchon!" He told the servants that were carrying the clothing. So I was whisked off to the dressing rooms now being chained up to one of the female servants. The one that I was chained up to spoke to me and said, "So he finally caught you?" "Yep" I said.

So I then turned to look at her and I realized that it was my best friend Demetra I said, "Demetra is that really you?" "Yes it is my dear friend Lilyen." I said as I was hugging her "How did he get you?" She said, "Hold on a second Lilyen and I will tell you ok. Well it all started when you left for the human world with your beloved. It was night and storming when he came to us asking for food and shelter and transportation to the human world so he could look for some of his friends. We should have known that he was lying but we didn't so we gave it to him not knowing what was going to happen next. So then he asks my mother if he could see me and that he had a job for me. So my mother called me down from my bedroom and as I came down the stairs I looked upon him and fell into some kind of trance and fell asleep I think because when I awoke from the trance I found myself here and realized that it was the evil sorcerer who had put me in that trance and he said to me "if you don't work no food." So not wanting to go hungry I worked being his servant and I met some of his other servants.

Realizing that they were taken the same way that I was, not being able to reach our families. And yet every time we would see the evil sorcerer he was always be talking about ways of capturing you. And he finally caught you that Halloween night! So I was hoping that when your beloved comes and rescues you that you would free us. I speak for all the servants." Said Demetra getting my dress, shoes, and tiara put on me to get me ready for today's lunchon. "Wait I don't even know where I am at the moment" I said. "Why, you are at the evil sorcerer's castle in the city called Lamia," said Demetra. "Demetra is this a safe place to send a message to my beloved mentally" I said. "Why yes it is so go right ahead but hurry ok," said Demetra. So I sent a message to my beloved telling him where I was and what was happening right now. And I told him to hurry up and rescue me so I wouldn't have to marry this guy and be able to free the servants. He told me that it would take a little time to round up an army and that he would rescue me as soon as he could he also said that I shouldn't worry about marrying the evil sorcerer and broke the connection. I said to Demetra "lets go and eat I'm hungry! Are you hungry Demetra" she said "why yes I am but I eat after you and the evil sorcerer, that's the rules!"?

"Oh well than I'll have to eat very little then wont I Demetra" I said as we were walking back to the room that I was in before. To eat with the evil sorcerer all dressed in nice clothes. When I got there I asked, "Why dress so nice. What is the occasion?" I said to the evil sorcerer trying to buy some time. He said, "Come in and sit down. And I will tell you. Well let's see now where to being? Now listen to me very carefully I loved you ever since I first met you" he said. "When was that" I asked trying to remember when I had first the evil sorcerer. He said "it was when I wasn't so evil at the time." "And that was when" I said. Still trying to remember when I had met the not so evil sorcerer for the first time while buying even more time for my beloved to come and rescue me. "Well you will remember in due time.

Now enough talk lets eat I'm starving," he said. "Well if you say so. Wait you still haven't told me why we are dressed so nice" I said. He said, "Oh you will find out soon enough. Now enough talk lets eat now ok." "Ok" I said. As I started to eat the delicious food. I wondered why I was dressed so nice and when my beloved will come and rescue me? While I was eating I told myself man this is good food. Then all of the sudden there was a booming sound right outside the window to the room I was in. I asked the evil sorcerer. "What was that noise?" Even though I knew what it was. It was my beloved he came and brought an army with him to help him defeat the evil sorcerer. "Well lets go and see shall we" said the evil sorcerer and took me by the arm and held on to me real tightly and disapparated taking me with him. It felt like I was being pressed into a tight place. So I sent a quick message to my beloved to warn him that we were coming and how we were coming then I broke the connection sharply. Then the pressure of being pressed into a tight place stopped all of a sudden and I opened my eyes and we were there standing in the doorway of a large castle with a large hole in the wall that was surrounding the evil sorcerer castle.

"Well it looks like somebody got a message through my boundaries without my knowledge huh? The opeck should have let me know if somebody was brimming with magic and was using it" said the evil sorcerer. "What's an a opeck" I asked even though I already knew. "Why it is a magical boundary that lets me know when someone besides me is using magic," said the evil sorcerer. "Wait why am I telling you this stuff" he said. "Well because I asked that's why" I said.

Then kaboom the evil sorcerer was thrown off his feet and then through the dust and smoke I saw I can't believe it I saw my beloved and wait is that who I think it is yes it is it's my mother and father they came to help rescue me and the servants. Then a whirlwind of fire surrounded me I'm guessing to keep me safe from the battle of my beloved and the evil sorcerer. Then the evil sorcerer got up on to his feet again and said, "So you want fight huh I'll give you a fight that you never dreamed of." "So let's start shall we," said my beloved. "How should I start like this maybe," said the evil sorcerer by shooting arrows of ice towards my dear beloved.

Then all of the sudden my beloved pulls out his fiery sword blaze that was hanging in its sheath by his side and melted all of the arrows of ice in a blink of an eye. "Ha how's that for an opener?" Said my beloved. "Quit yapping and start fighting," said the evil sorcerer angrily pulling out own sword of ice called blizzard out of it sheath that I hadn't noticed before.