Chapter 14-

"Okay, come with us," a firm female voice said.

Isabel glanced up from staring at the dingy wall of her cell. Immediately she recognized her sister's face, but she let an impassive mask fall, so the other guards wouldn't catch on.

She allowed the other guards to handcuff her hands, and, silently, followed them out of the jail to a waiting van.

One of the guards opened the van door and Lana reached to help Isabel inside. As she helped her up, she slipped a cool metal object into Isabel's hand. Isabel immediately knew what it was.

"Can you two take it from here?" the oldest of the guards asked.

Lana and her companion guard nodded in unison.

The three other guards walked back inside the jail.

"Are you ready?" the guard left with her asked.

Lana glanced down at her belt. "I lost my key," she stated with a hint of panic.

"Your key?" the guard repeated nervously.

Lana nodded. "I'll take a look out here. You check and insure that the prisoner is secure."

The guard hurriedly unlocked the van door to check on Isabel. As soon as he did, Isabel's powerful kick sent him falling. Lana neatly knocked him over the head with her gun. Then she hugged Isabel.

"I have to admit," Isabel said with a smile. "I didn't think it was possible."

"You have Lucy Wallace and Lydia to thank for that," Lana replied with a devious grin. "They were the ones who tipped me off about your transfer."

"Did you bring me a change of clothes?" Isabel asked reverting back to serious mode.

Lana nodded and motioned to the van. "In there."


"So where do we go from here?" Isabel asked quietly after they were on the road.

Lana risked a quick glance at Isabel's profile. "I don't know."

"I meant what I said before. I'm tired of running. I can't do this anymore, Lana," Isabel cried with frustration.

Lana nodded. "I understand."

Isabel sighed. "I just want to go off to some secluded place and have a peaceful life."

Lana smiled sadly. "I'm sorry I made such a mess of our lives."

Isabel frowned at Lana. "What do you mean?"

"If I hadn't suggested robbing Sal, we never would've become high-profile robbers," Lana replied.

"Lana, I agreed to help rob Sal." Isabel said softly. "You didn't force me to."

Despite Isabel's reassurance Lana would always carry the guilt for 'causing' the life they had lived. They left the States in disguise, and traveled to a tiny village in Spain. They would live out their lives there under different names and identities.


I hope all of you have enjoyed this interesting journey! I haven't really been satisfied with the way the story turned out(I consider it somewhat choppy), and I hope to rewrite it, but that will be a while. In spite of everything, Lana and Isabel are two of my favorite characters ever! With them I have written 3 plays and this story. They are very close to mine, and my sister's hearts, lol! Please Review this final chapter!!!

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