The Magic Poet

Kismet (n.) destiny, fate.


Such a deadly four-letter word


There is a world not far from this one. Where things such as magic, kings, dragons, elves, and the like still rule the land and forever, really does exists. It is a land where the people are ruled by men and women with honor and forever loyal to their sword. There is no such thing as bombs and guns. Moreover, the land is natural and alive, along with its division of it by the six kings. The Northern King, Tholmy, is the ruler of the elves and dragons. The Eastern King, Arik II, is the leader of the pixies and the fairies. The Southern Prince, Girith, controls all the actions of dwarfs and mystical stallions. The Western Queen, Lira, keeps simple mortals in check in her land. The last land king is in the heart of the others, the Central King, Toba, is in charge of the church. Then the most powerful of the kings is Urais the Sea King. He controls all the things in the mighty sea. This is a story based upon this world and their rituals.

Our first story is of the east. Where the fear of the Mikarl, a powerful band of Sorcerers, who want to take over the throne has gripped their king and made him feeble.

We begin with Alkam, a simple man, boy, really of sixteen. With perfect golden curls, the same color as his royal blood bouncing on the top of his thighs. Soft, pink, supple lips positioned delicately under his cute button nose. A set of large, almond shaped eyes with compassion etched into the fire burning in them. Arched brows, thin and perfect lay mischievously above those burning eyes. A lean and graceful body with slight feminine curves twists your imagination. Milky white skin, speckled with freckles upon his nose and cheeks, and lightly around his navel. He was beautiful there was no way to deny that, with a childish innocence, and naive mind. Alkam had just gone to his sister's ceremonial Hikal. Where he learned he would be an uncle to a young, pretty girl.

"Sister, how do you do that?" Alkam whispered breathlessly, bouncing on the heels of his feet in front a short, plump woman with his exact features. Alkam's beloved twin sister named Askia.

"Kam, we've been through this." She heatedly said.

"I know, just once more."

She sighed before saying, "You make love in the shallow end of Ohal Water. Furthermore, in 3 days time you will be gifted an egg. You must nurture and love this egg. Keep it warm and healthy or else it could die. And if the love is not pure it could be a dud."

"Sister, that's beautiful. I wish I could have one."

"You must be wed first brother. 'sides who do you think your fooling. Why would anyone get involved with you when Duvan will surely scare them away?" Airk said, his older brother. That had a dark brown head with tight curls bouncing into his deep red eyes only slightly darker than that of his siblings and tight, thin lips. He had subtle muscles of that of a dancer.

"You shouldn't be so mean. Duvan is nice." Alkam pouted. "You guys just don't like him."

"Your right" Airk replied.

While the two brothers faced off, Askia went over to a brutish looking man, with kind black eyes hiding under a veil of red hair. Pale, thin lips hiding in his roguish beard and mustache. A simple green tunic and dark breeches adoring his massive frame, and hiding the large egg the size of volleyball in his crossed arms. She could see the pride and awe clearly on his mean mug of a face. When he looked up and caught her eye, she could not help the grin from taking over her lips. It was not long before Alkam and Airk broke the moment with their petty quall. Their voices rising to dramatic levels, before Alkam left Ohal Water grumbling about Airk's childish prejudice against Duvan.

"You know you shouldn't be so hard on him." She told Airk. He only nodded his affirmation before leaving as well. Well, there goes the special day this was suppose be. She thought.


After Alkam had left, he ran into a large man. He was tall nearly 6'5", with hair as black as midnight cropped short to his head and eyes so green they must have been a gift from the earth itself. A body draped in strength and a heavy tan. He radiated thick waves of masculinity. A voice so deep it must have rumbled the ground, itself when he told Alkam to scram. Alkam was compelled to kick him when he heard that persuasive order.

"Who do you think you are? I'm the prince!" he screamed near hysterics. However, that's what he couldn't understand. Why did he care so much? This was certainly strange for Alkam. Moreover, the sleek dark brow that rose and the quirk in this man's mouth nearly drove him up the wall and back.

"Well then your highness, come with me. Your just who I was looking for. I appreciate your…kindness." The smirk hiding in those words was undeniable. However, before Alkam could do more than gape, he watched the stranger raise that colossal paw of a hand prior to the quick darkness that descended upon him. When the man finally got the young prince unconscious, he hefted him up and threw him over his shoulder like a petulant child, and glided wordlessly into the shadow.