The Magic Poet

Kismet (n.) destiny, fate.


Such a deadly four-letter word

Chapter 1

When Alkam finally came to, he realizes he was in uncharted territory. The vast sea all around him frightened and thrilled him like nothing else. The deep blue water and mist kissing his face, the rocking ship lulled him into a serene state of mind.

"Welcome aboard your highness." A sarcastic voice yelled behind him. The laughter of the dozen or so men behind him made him turn nearly hard enough to land him face down with wood crushing his lips. Moreover, the sneers did not help him at all after he demanded to know where he was.

"Why your highness, you should be glad that we took you hostage. If you don't like the arrangement, we could always slit that tiny neck of yours. Hmm?" said the man with the dark hair and green eyes from the street. Alkam's eyes widen at the sight of him. Fear beginning to settle in his stomach.

"Now Leti, you've gone and scared our guest." Another said. Now that Alkam allowed himself to notice, it was he realized that all of these men looked malevolent. With long scars, bulging muscles, and heavy tans, the type of men one would find in a cheap tavern. The man in front of them all seemed to be different. He was obviously the leader; a navy cloth wrapped around his waist and hair restraining the thick blonde hair with broad strips of grey spotted in the mane to the back of his head. A tunic hugged his upper body. He had a large face, a large nose, and lips with deep wrinkles around his eyes, lips, and large crinkles in his forehead. Laughing silver eyes, appraised Alkam quickly and efficiently before he said, "How 'uch do think 'hey'll pay for 'im?"

Alkam nearly choked on his own spit; if not for the fact, his mouth was dry. They intended to sell him off to his own family. He thought.

"It's probably not enough to get King Airk to hand over his throne to us. We'd probably get more out of him he was made a whore," Leti languidly said. "But with how weak his brother is, you could never know. 'sides how do we know they want him back?"

Alkam was close tears, when this said. He knew that Airk didn't like him very much because of his kinship to Duvan. It was as soon as this flitted into his mind he remembered him, his beloved Duvan. The one he was devoted to. Duvan, who was painfully thin, almost emaciated. He had a height of 6 foot. His had short ruby hair hanging limply in front of his features. His Duvan wasn't handsome or even beautiful by any means. He had a long pointed nose, lips so thin and pale you nearly missed them, small beady yellow eyes, and thick bushy brown brows. A set of twin scars running from his forehead to his chin, going over his left eye. They were still red and raw looking even if they were years old. Duvan wasn't a smart nor was he brave. He was a selfish, spiteful, and vulgar man. He didn't love Alkam or even like him. Yet, he wanted him. Furthermore Alkam couldn't help worshipping, loving the very nimble feet that walked all over him. He would save him. Duvan, his Duvan the place dungeons keeper, would come and save him.

"…'he boy, dreamin' likes that. Maybe ya right 'bout that. Leti"

"Of course I am. Look at him. He's nearly useless that one. except for learning a few tricks of the trade, eh Meki?"

Alkam paled at the thought of…that sort of thing. He couldn't believe this. Surely, he'd done it before. Duvan and he had started with it even before it was proper. It had been almost seven years ago, when he was nine and Duvan was forty-six.

"I won't. You can't make me." He huffed, crossing his arms over his small chest. "I'm prince and I demand you return me immediately. Or else I'll make sure they behead the lot of you."

The laughter that followed was, while did surprise him, wasn't entirely unexpected. There was amusement in their eyes when Alkam looked back at them. Fighting down his flush from whether it was embarrassment or irritation, he wasn't sure. He stomped his small feet in annoyance, which made the men laugh harder. His eyes ablaze he set about casting a spell on them. The Carthi should surely do. He almost giggled at the thought of giving them, hiccups for a WHOLE day. It was when the laughter stopped altogether to give way to the cough like sound that he could hold it in no longer and doubled over giggling madly.

The men looked at each other. They could hardly believe the boy; he had guts, while they weren't brightest, they were there. The boy even managed to get past their shield's without them noticing. If he were to use a more vicious spell, they were in trouble.

"Listen boy, we'll not harm ya if ya will be corporaten wit' us. We let ya get away with 'hat harmless spell but next time I'll gut ya m'self." Meki growled.

Sure, they were lying to the boy but there was no telling what he could do. Best make him learn his place now.

The boy's eyes grew twice their normal size when they said this. They let him do it. Even his tutors always said that they could never predict his attacks. He couldn't understand this at all. Even his BROTHER couldn't stop his attacks and he was the strongest man he ever met except his father of course. Even if he hardly knew his father, King Airk I, he died when he was just a small boy.

"Okay." He whispered. "Um….what do you want me to do?" Alkam knew he had to be strong before Duvan came. Which could take days, so figured he should do what they had in mind.

The eyes of Captain Meki and his first mate Leti met, a thought came into their head at once. They knew the other had the same idea when a slow, easy, slid over their features.

"Look boy why don't ya go with Leti. He'll look afta ya. Show ya 'he ropes. Even get ya some food if ya hungry." Meki told Alkam gently. He put a paw onto the boy's shoulder and giving it a comforting squeeze.

The gesture welcomed even if it confused Alkam greatly. He looked to Leti for guidance for what to do next, who leered at him behind Meki's back. Alkam yelped and grabbed Meki's arm, holding on tight refusing to let go.

Leti belted out a laugh, eyes dancing with mischief. He grabbed the boys arm and tugged him down into the captain's office. So he could get the boy some good bread, cheese, and rum.

"So boy, how much does your family like you?" Leti asked.

"Um…I guess they like me alright. And my name's Alkam, thank you." He huffed indignantly.

"Right boy. Why'd they only like you alright? You a trouble maker." Leti said chugging down some rum.

"Well they do. Sometimes. I'm bad cause I like Duvan and they don't." He said hesitantly, a far away look coming into his ruby eyes.

"Duvan that wouldn't be the man in the dungeon would it, boy." Leti said in disgust.

"…yeah. I guess you don't like him, too." Alkam sighed.

"No." the clipped tone didn't seem like something Leti used often. "Listen boy just finish eating."

Alkam felt as though he disappointed Leti somehow which was impossible since they just met. Making Alkam dropped his eyes from the enchanting green. He thought they were beautiful like the green pastures of home. Just like home, free, wild, and oddly pure.