What do you do

When the one thing you revolved your life around

Is the one thing that pushes you away?

How do forget

When every memory involves his name

Or a thought of him in one way or another

Or a song you used to listen to as you fell asleep in his arms?

How can you love

Anything else when the one thing you truly did love

Let you down

And now you're afraid to put your heart into anything else

In fear it is all the same?

Who do you turn to

When everyone else is ready for you to move on

Everything else, except your heart

Which is slowly choosing to stay behind and wait

Because it knows you can't smile without him?

How do you pretend to be happy

In order to keep everything else alright

When all you can really do is stare into space and wonder

If anything is ever going to change?

What do you do

When the one boy you'll ever love

Stops loving you?