I rewrote and edited a lot. It's the same story, just better.


New Prelude (might be a little cheezy, but I like it)

Rumors that Sebastian and Peter are together. (throughout)

Winter's last name changed to Orion. (I might change it back to Goth if enough people think it would be better)

More anonymous/Winter letters. (Throughout)

No chapter songs. (sorry. They just got in the way and annoyed me)

Winter's audition scene extended (Middle of Act 1)

Scene with Peter in Science class (Beginning of Act 2) (I felt I needed to fill out Peter's character more so that he seems like a possible candidate for writing the anonymous love letters)

Scene with Winter's Father (Middle of Act 2)

Scene with Peter and Macey in the lunchroom (Middle of Act 3) (More Peter and Macey characterization)

Scene with cross dressing Sebastian (Beginning of Act 4) (this was a treat just for you guys. Teehee!!)

I might have changed some more things but forgot to list them. Some scenes might have moved around to make it flow better, but the general plot line is the same.

Cigarettes, Stalkers, and Other Orgasmic Objects.

By: R.A. Johnson

Prelude – Introducing Your (Not So) Average Narrator

In every story, there is a main character.

This story, in that sense, is no different.

However, I don't really think I'm your average narrator. I might look average. On the outside, I couldn't be any more cliché. But we all know that looks can be very, very deceiving. Before I introduce myself though, let's get some facts straight, shall we?

It is common fact that in almost any organization, or any group of people for that matter, there are 'cliques.' A group within a group that works together, plays together, and fights together. These cliques are the modern examples of the tribes and cast systems our ancient ancestors formed and will probably forever dominate human society.

Of all the many cliques out there, high school is probably what first comes to any person's mind.

High school is most famous for its cliques.

The most notorious.

Movie directors stereotype them.

Teachers love them.

Outsiders hate them.

Fans admire them.

Members live them.

It would suffice to say that I am the prime example of what any popular clique, normally the term used for members of this particular click is 'prep,' would be led by. Yes I, Winter Orion, football star, basketball phenomenon, soccer captain, and baseball extraordinaire, am the epitome of the word jock.

And I hate it.

Everyday I am surrounded by admirers, but I am always alone. Nobody really knows me. And it doesn't matter how cold I am or how little I speak. The meaner I am, the more mysterious I am, the more attention I receive. More giggles and stares are sent my way, more possible suitors line themselves up only to be rejected, and more rumors are spread about how ultra cool I am.

I sit in the back of the class, lazing in my chair and refusing to talk to anyone, and they all look at me like I'm some king on his throne.

None of them know I that love to act and that I'm actually very poor.

None of them know I've kept a diary since I was eleven.

None of them know my mother died when I was six.

None of them know that I am, quite unexpectedly but undeniably, gay.

Alrighty, now that we have the facts, let me introduce myself.

Hi, name is Winter Orion. I'm a seventeen-year-old jock stubbornly stuck forever in the closet.

Ready for one hell of a story?

Have fun!!