"oh captain"

Here is your wheel, Captain
We're sailing eighty knots at least
Tonight our good port, sir
Lies at the bottom of the sea

We're sinking fast and lonely
We're going home under the sea
C'mon, sir!
Good Captain!
You'll save the ocean before me

Here is your sink or swim opportunity
She's taken on water
And those of warm blood
Start to freeze

C'mon now, you said you'd
You'd lead us home (That's What You Said!)
Why don't you take action
Yet you leave them sleeping in their beds?


You're frozen
Your grip's so hard, you can't release
Your body seems vacant
Your eyes like glass;
All I can see is me

You've gone down
You've gone down
You've gone down


The glory you hoped for
In being captain of the sea
Has some how been speared on
Some trident, trapped without release


O' Captain, Our Captain
My Captain, Good Captain
You've sailed us well into the sea